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  • ifnlsvlsdvlsdvlsdlisdvlsdvdlisd is the beautiful sound of returning to a website. Ahhhhhh. That's another beautiful sound. I'm full of them.
    (But seriously why is this so stressful ahhh.)

  • ...Hello.

  • I am so going to miss peach and plum juice when I get back to the US.

  • Off to China! I'm planning a writing project about the trip. Toodlepip, all. :D

  • I gotta get back to Hogwarts. I gotta get back to school. I gotta get myself to Hogwarts, where everybody knows I'm cool.

  • Until about two seconds ago, I was roughly four feet from a woodchuck. Day made then unmade.

  • Total Starkidpotter rewatch. :D AVPM, AVPS, and Starship. <3

    Jul 8, 2011

    Jelly I KNOW RIGHT?!
    My friends and I want to do our own unofficial production of AVPM just for fun. I want to be Malfoy so bad...

    Jul 8, 2011

  • What's so great about sliced bread?

    Jas Everything.
    Jul 8, 2011

    Jelly My reasoning is that unsliced bread makes for better nomming. The nom-factor in food is very important, after all.
    Jul 8, 2011

coffee and writing is a superior duo
— LadyBug