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About JdoggyGirl

I love reading books, sketching with pencils, drawing with water color pencils, playing the piano (I've been learning since I was 6), during the school year I take choir (not through the school, private organization), and animals. Animals of all kinds! I know a lot about animals, and I hope to be a zoologist when I grow up. The fact that I'm allergic to a ton of things complicates things slightly.


Reading (obviously), drawing, playing the piano, singing, reading more, napping, animals.



you know how those like hummingbird things have those fast wingy thingies? And like the heartbeats. The heartbeats are so fast. So like, do humminbribs like sense time fast too? like berry alen or smh? I BET THEY DO! BIRBFLASHHHHHHHH!
— Dr. Mr. Elfboy