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About a green dino

Hey! Welcome to this chaotic place you call a "Wall"! (I've always wondered why these are called "Walls". Wouldn't something like "Yoshi's Message Box" be nicer?) I'm Yoshi, a hobbyist (MORE THAN A HOBBY) writer. I like writing poetry, novellas, and long form novels.

You know, maybe I should change my wall to a poem? You guys want that?

Okay, well, be warned: You will be about to face extreme magnificence.

Welcome, welcome, one and all,
To my wonderful, wonderful, beautiful wall,
Temptation too great,
You're fingers too late,
And now you are trapped within my law.

Sorry if that seemed a little bit mean,
I don't get much visitors, and don't get sheen,
So don't be offended,
Cause' I think this is splendid,
And I'll shine you until you glean.

My name is Yoshi, short for Yoshikrab
I am a dino, not a chocolate lab,
I like to shoot eggs,
And also bite legs,
For that is why I cause many, many scabs.

But I am somewhat new here,
So I don't know who to sue here,
For making this place,
Much too great,
And now I'm trapped like glue here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my poetic wall,
Goodbye, Goodbye, one and all,
But wait, this isn't right!
This is a profile! Right in hindsight!
But farewell, for I need to follow my call.


not being a garbage truck driver


not a garbage truck driver. NOT A GARBAGE TRUCK DRIVER. (why am i even saying this?)

Thanks for having me, Seth.
— The Devil