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I'm the youtube hermit who loves to hide out in her room all day and play video games, write stories, watch YouTubers (like jacksepticeye, danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, ect.) draw pictures and fan art, and be a full out fangirl. I have many interests and a lot of the time I'm not well understood by people. People tend not to understand how I think and how I feel. At school, I'm the kid who sits by themselves during class. then when I'm out of class and with friends, or just sitting with friends I'm one of the weirdest people ever. Adults see me as weird and antisocial, strangers see me as quiet and talented. and friends see me as, weird outgoing and interesting.
HOWEVER, when reality rolls around, I am weird, I am a bookworm, I am slightly talented, someone who has lots to say and feels the world at a slightly different point of view, but I'm very much me.
don't judge before you know, because who knows, you may be just like me, and me like you.

"Creativity is my escape from what we call reality"


I love writing, reading, sleeping, eating, playing games, playing soccer, singing, acting, drawing, painting, watching youtube, procrastinating, watching movies, laughing, being weird, making people laugh, and fangirling :D

Is anyone else desperately waiting to see themselves in the quote gen?
— TheCursedCat