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Huh, me?

I want to be a writer, but I guess I'm on the track to be a Mathematician. Not that I dislike it, but I find equal interest in words as in numbers.

I'm a shy introvert, and now I feel like the quarantine helped crush what little improvement I had with my self-esteem in the past few years. You know that feeling how sometimes you're okay with being alone, but other times you want to talk to another person but you're too shy to approach anyone? Yeah, that's basically me a lot of times.

Even so, I'm passionate about the things I love. Get me started on them and I might ramble on and on.


I love fantasy stories. Some of the books I've read are The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Mistborn, The Name of the Wind, The Lies of Locke Lamora and Assassin's Apprentice. I'm currently reading King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. I play some video games. I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and the Persona series. I watch a lot of cartoons like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, ATLA, Over the Garden Wall and Infinity Train. I still watch anime, though not as much as before.


I'm currently in college taking up Applied Math. While I do love Math, I also love reading and writing literature.

He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.
— Friedrich Nietzsche