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  • GrymmRipper
    Nov 28, 2013

    Update status..Rooted in the womb of vision,
    The matrix defines perception.
    If we were to sever the umbilical cord to Maya,
    All that will be left are ghost shells.

  • GrymmRipper
    Apr 24, 2013

    I'm back. :D

  • GrymmRipper
    May 16, 2012

    I am the son and heir,
    Of nothing in particular.
    ( The Smiths - How soon is now? )

  • GrymmRipper
    Mar 8, 2012

    I'm dozing off during Biochemistry lecture. xD

  • GrymmRipper
    Mar 3, 2012

    Wir sind uns so fern, so nah,
    so fern und doch so nah.

  • GrymmRipper
    Feb 29, 2012

    Two words : Trip Hop

  • =_='' I am really sorry for posting consecutively.Will avoid doing so next time! Peace! ^_^\/

    Wolferion =) Have fun writing
    Feb 28, 2012

    GrymmRipper Thank you Shinda!
    Feb 28, 2012

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  • GrymmRipper
    Feb 28, 2012

    Hello! I'm new here.Just created my account today.I'm looking forward to making new friends and sharing my (amateur) work with everyone.

    youngwolf1105 Lol, nice to meet you Grymm. Think of YWS as a gigantic family! Welcome and if you need any help just ask. And if you review someone elses work they'll usually review yours.
    Feb 28, 2012

    GrymmRipper Nice to meet you too Youngwolf! My middle name is Wolf. xD About the reviews,i'm working on them right now! hehe :)
    Feb 28, 2012

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