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Perhaps the real rickroll was the friends we made along the way.

  • I found this website maker called strawpage (like carrd but even easier) so I made this when I was bored
    It has a bunch of eyes that follow your cursor

    EllieMae I love this!!
    Apr 25, 2024

  • hey gengar! could i use some of your lines from your napo thread for a poem?

    GengarIsBestBoy Wait wdym?
    Apr 25, 2024

    herbalhour i would take a line from one of your poems and incorporate it into another poem i make, like this one: melancholia induced by my lack of self
    Apr 25, 2024

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  • Hi yes I have made another random club because yes
    GengarIsBestBoy wrote:Do you like worms? Do you like strings? Well, good news buddy: worm on a string is the best of both worlds! And now there’s a club for it for some reason


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    Avian oh my gosh. this image unlocked a core memory. story time:
    So all the way back when I was in third grade, I met my current best friend. Now, at the time, she had one of these little guys. It was dark green, thus she named it Greenie. However, it didn't have one of those little strings attached to it, so neither of us really knew what it was for.
    But Greenie had lore. Greenie had significance. Greenie was quite possibly the most important item my friend had ever owned.
    No idea where Greenie is now. I hope he's still out there somewhere, living his best Greenie life.

    Apr 24, 2024

    GengarIsBestBoy Reminds me of the rock I took from a Walmart parking lot, put googly eyes on, and named Jerry
    Apr 24, 2024

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  • Poetry idea:

    Go to a color palette website and make a poem based on the colors you find. The one I used is Coolors. You can generate your own or find a pre-existing one, and it should tell you what the name of the color is (if you’re using a pre-existing one you have to find in a dropdown menu)

    Edit: i was gonna paste a poem I made here but the codes are being wack so imma just link it

    Tiffany and Alice

    Spearmint i love this so much !!! :0
    Apr 23, 2024

  • I need to make a poem using all of the poetic lines that pop into my head but can't fit into their own poem

  • Hi, I miss you! Is there anything recent you've written that I can review? If not and you're busy, that is also alright with me c:

  • Ooohhh what's this, spooky squad revamped sneak peeks? I've been working on a prologue, it's mostly been sitting in my wip pile tho. Uhh I figured I should say that I may be changing the lore of spooky squad a bit? I'm sorry if it comes as a bit of a surprise but I just have a lot of better ideas to improve it . Also I'm typing on a phone rn so expect typos , and as always this isn't a finished product

    Spoiler! :
    The timid angel took a breath. Her hands trembled as she held a golden sword, her wings close to her back. "I-I shall send you b-back to... From whence you came, foul beast," she stuttered as she drove her sword towards the training dummy. When it barely penetrated the fabric, her halo hung low around her head and she sighed.

    The bright angel hopped off the cloud, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Do not be discouraged, friend," he said. "Although you may not be the best now, you'll certainly get there with more practice!" He gave her a warm smile, his face glowing like the sun, then gestured for her to hand over her sword.

    "It helps to stand like this," he explained. She observed closely as he spread his legs apart, turning one of them at an angle. He held his head high, bringing the sword down with all his might as he declared " I shall send you back from whence you came, foul beast!", his golden eyes glowing like sunbeams.

    The training dummy's cotton guts spilled out as the sword skewered it all the way through.

    The timid angel was left in awe of her friend's expertise. When his eyes returned to normal, bright angel handed the sword back. "If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask!"

    RavenAkuma Ooooh, for a phone-typed sneak peek, this is frickin' amazing!! Makes me really want to check out your writing ^^
    Apr 17, 2024

    Avian i need to read this rn. i need to.
    Apr 17, 2024

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  • Oh wait I didn't even see this until like a day later but THANK YOU :D
    Spearmint wrote:Y E S loved this one :D
    Hijinks wrote:
    April 14th PCrewPick

    Today's #PCrewPick is a poem by @GengarIsBestBoy called The Turtle who was Raised by Deer! If "petrichor", "insipid" and "cervine" are some of your favourite words, like me, then you're sure to love this poem. Using an unusual combination of forest and underwater imagery, Gengar has created some intensely vivid and poignant descriptions. There are so many beautiful sound devices like assonance and alliteration throughout the poem, as well, especially in the closing couplet:
    the turtle will always look past the trees
    and long for the scent of the sea

    Go give the rest of Gengar's poem (and thread) a read! And check out other #PCrewPicks in The PCrewPick Hall of Fame! Don't forget that you can spread the poetry love and shoutout other people's poems using the hashtag ThePeoplesPick, as well. #NaPo24

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  • Hey guys I’m here to show you a cool song

    Talk To Me - Cavetown

    Very comforting song, it came to me when I needed it so I figured someone else may want to hear it. Also has fishies swimming around in the video :D

    WeepingWisteria Cavetown is just >>>>>
    Apr 15, 2024

  • I made Keith in Gacha Club. :>

    I love all of your characters and stories, they’re very fun and entertaining! ^v^


    GengarIsBestBoy :0 MY BOY

    THANK U SO MUCH he's so cute!

    Apr 12, 2024

    vampricone6783 You’re welcome! ^v^
    Apr 12, 2024

  • It was cloudy today so I couldn't see the eclipse. But I watched it on a Livestream and it was stunning, so here's a haiku I wrote for #NaPo

    a luna moth floats
    over the moon's corona
    as onlookers cheer.

    GengarIsBestBoy I'm not super good with haikus but idk I think it's good enough
    Apr 8, 2024

    RavenAkuma That's an awesome haiku!! ^^
    Apr 8, 2024

  • Inner Machinations of a Disorganized Mind

    Okay I think I wanna give this NaPo thing another go. Maybe it was the pressure of having a storyline that made me get cold feet, but now I guess I’ll just write poems about whatever.

  • While I’m busy writing my first NaPo poem, here’s a song recommendation:

    Ancient Aliens - Lemon Demon

    Basically this guy goes into a cave and studies aliens. It’s really whimsical and cool

    GengarIsBestBoy Another one

    Fantastic Plastic - Custard

    Fun fact: the singer of this band is the voice actor of Bandit from Bluey

    Apr 2, 2024

  • Oh shoot i totally forgot I was supposed to be doing NaPo

    Welp, off to write I guess

    GengarIsBestBoy See this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions after 9pm because now i have a Project that I Must Commit to
    Apr 1, 2024

    GengarIsBestBoy Uhghhhghhh whyy why did i think this was a good idea i am literally so busy whyy
    Apr 2, 2024

  • Guys I found this cool song from a goblincore playlist and I must share

    Little One - Maxiety

    Too bad it’s only on soundcloud ☹️

    GengarIsBestBoy You know I don’t understand those people who gatekeep obscure artists. I mean I kinda get where they’re coming from (fear of something being ruined by a large fanbase) but ALSO I am like a crow, i find cool shiny things and I bring it to people so they can enjoy it too.

    While we’re on the subject, does anyone else here like the band Foot Ox? I think they’re really cool but idk anyone else who likes them

    Apr 1, 2024

    RavenAkuma Haven't heard of either, but I will look into them for sure! I absolutely get what you mean by underground music too. I've been on an industrial binge lately and found a lot of hidden gems.
    Spoiler! :
    SHIV-R may just be my new obsession as a result lol

    Apr 1, 2024

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You sound like you're becoming emotionally involved with the custard.
— Nikki Morgan