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Gabriella Phelps


I would like to go by the name Gabriella here
(I do not understand how people manage to say so much about themselves this will be kind of awkward)

I am too much eager about photography; it's just that I don't have enough equipment because my family thinks I am so not deserving to be given such opportunities and that I should concentrate more on studying ..duh (after all, who am I to judge tho?🙃)

Reading poetry gives me much pleasure but bringing out own work freezes me (which should NOT happen I guess)

Violin or any instrumental music is my way to seek happiness from this messed up world 'round me.

, and well am a Potterhead... :) k.bye..


Anything artsy... :)


...tryna be a little impactful

No one achieves anything alone.
— Leslie Knope