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  • Yay....none of my school work is working on my computer.. >.<

  • When you get to school during your fourth class period and just so happen to avoid having to turn in two essays and three homework assignments that day.

  • Hm... I don't really tell many people these things so why not on the internet! #mybestmermories

    1. Innocent summer. I remember back when I would play and have fun with all my old friends.. Summers were full of adventure and we would always look for something to do. We would go looking for animals, find junk, play in the sand, go swimming in the creeks or even explore the suburb neighborhoods or the rural forests.. (depending on where I was currently staying at that time of the year) They taught me to enjoy every moment with those you care about because you never know when you might have to go your separate ways.

    2. Winter in the countryside. Nothing can really express how magical of a time that was.. You only can understand if you have ever lived in the forest during winter with the ones you love. I hope to do so again some day!

    3. A night to remember. Star gazing is amazing, especially out in the middle of nowhere during winter and there just happens to be an unexpected meteor shower. Once again, don't really know how to explain!

    4. A walk in the cemetery. Just a simple beautiful sunset and an awkward conversation. I know someone here knows what I'm referring to.. and I could not have been happier for something so simple. It was something I had not done in years and was really refreshing and motivating. ^-^

    5. I don't know what else I am comfortable saying, so I guess my trip to Washington DC during the middle of the Cherry Blossom. It is so beautiful and I am glad I still have photos from then.

    That's about it, don't know who to tag really. Have a great day everyone! ^-^

  • Herro people! I haven't really talked at all on here because I'm not use to it... so hi!
    I added some lines I had taken out of my last poem... ._.

My spelling is wobbly. It's good spelling, but it wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.
— A.A. Milne