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Ferruccio is not my real name - I will only tell you if you give me lots of reviews (if we are good online friends), and meet me in person. It's just a name I found cool - from the Italian Ferruccio Lamborghini (who founded Lamborghini).

Please post something on my wall as I do writing requests - if you need a step up on your school project, I can help! I live in the omniverse, but have no religion, just my own philosophy discussions. Thanks for seeing me!


Anime, manga, fandom, anime, Harry Potter, Horrible Series (Horrible history, Horrible geography, Murderous maths, Horrible Science), mainly books, manga, anime, and did I mention anime? But I am a loose gamer.... Favourite game Minecraft although I am planning to buy Terraria. I'll trade you my Minecraft if you have the real, paid, can-update Terraria. Please SUBSCRIBE to me xD on YouTube. My channel is called TeamDragon71 and I live a double life in the gaming world. Oh yeah, and @KaraStevens.


Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University, author of Manga Volume 1,2,3, CEO of Apple, CEO of Google, CEO of Lamborghini. Yeah, I wish. Actually, I'm a student.

Cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. It cannot be done. You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.
— William S. Burroughs