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  • A Message From FW76:
    I have just created a club called "The Fantasy Council", a paradise for all fantasy-genre lovers! Anyone interested should head on over and help find a good image to promote the club*!
    *more info available on the club wall

  • FantasyWriter76
    Jul 12, 2018

    The newest edition of Fists of Fate, "Fists of Fate - Chapter 4 (All Arcs)", has just been released! In this chapter, we are introduced to Alexandria, a Human* swordfighter with a relic like the Fist of Fates. See what happens to our protagonists in Chapter 4 of Fists of Fate!

  • FantasyWriter76
    Jul 9, 2018

    I checked out the Prologue Demo for Octopath Traveler, and wow! The addicting gameplay PLUS the style echoes back to the O.G. Final Fantasy (not to mention that Square Enix is in charge of it.) and it has it's own special gameplay aspects really make it stand out. I am DEFINITELY pre-purchasing Octopath for my Switch!


  • As you can see now, I've changed my profile pic! It's now of Therion the Thief from Octopath Traveler.
    (This is a re-post, I've corrected the spelling of Thief)

    Evander It's a very nice avatar!
    Jul 8, 2018

    FantasyWriter76 Thanks!
    Jul 8, 2018

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  • FantasyWriter76
    Jul 7, 2018

    If Hawkeye has his own movie, he'd probably have less screen time in it than the first Avengers.


  • FantasyWriter76
    Jun 28, 2018

    "Sky City Epsilon - Prologue" is now available to read for your enjoyment. Criticism is welcome, and have a FANTASTICAL DAY!
    -Your Friend, FW76

  • FantasyWriter76
    Jun 25, 2018

    "You think you can just do whatever you want with Sky City Epsilon? No! You aren't the only one in the council who has control, Joaquin. We will have you banished from Sky City!" Jaune Caesar cursed at Joaquin, the traitor. "We?" Joaquin Schelakine replied with a horrid smirk all over his face, "You don't know what will come, you innocent fool."
    "What?! What will happen to the council?"
    "The same fate that will befall you, 'friend' Jaune"
    Joaquin pointed a gun at Jaune's head, and he pulled the trigger...
    Sky City Epsilon

  • FantasyWriter76
    Jun 24, 2018

    you exist
    Anata wa sudeni shippai shite imasu


  • So I checked out this RWBY web series I've heard about. It's pretty good and I recommend it. It's free to binge on the YouTube RoosterTeeth channel, and as long as you don't look at the comments, you can watch it blind, which is the best way to go with this.


    Boluk Sweet you got Into Rwby, But whatever you do do not try to talk to the fandom they have the toxicity of a billion nuclear warheads and the shippers are insane.
    Jul 1, 2018

  • Thanks for the follow!

    FantasyWriter76 No prob!
    Jun 19, 2018

  • FantasyWriter76
    Jun 18, 2018

    Currently road tripping in the U.S. with family. I would be lead to believe we are in Texas, from Oklahoma to Cali. It'll take a day to drive, so my activity will be on a smaller scale than usual. Hope you have a FANTASTICAL day!

  • Hi!
    Jus popped by to say, you know when you reviewed some of my works and gave them a unique rating, for example 4 suspicious foxes out of 5? Would you mind if I used that too? I don't want to plagiarise or anything, I just think it's a really good idea.

    FantasyWriter76 I don't mind, use as many unique ratings as you want! I just use them to be comical.
    Jun 18, 2018

    Danni88 I think it's great!
    Jun 18, 2018

  • TheWeirdoFromBeyond
    Jun 15, 2018

    Thanks for the follow :) :)

  • FantasyWriter76
    Jun 4, 2018

    "Fists of Fate - Chapter 2 (Fox and Ricardo Arcs)" and "The Tale of Ye'Dunn: A TBB Tale" have been published! Feels good getting that out.

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