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  • 10 reviews a day and I can get my next star in three days!! Starting today will allow me to get it on the 10th, the day I leave for my trip!! STARTING... NOW!!

    I want to review poems!!!!

    Isbah Okie, i wasn't sure if my poem was good enough to post but now im going to do it anyways
    Jul 9, 2024

  • Anyone have tips on making your writing (short story/novel especially, but also poems) very sad? I am trying to write a scene that will make people cry while reading it.

    FireEyes I know this is a thing with film, but it works for writing too. The action isn't the thing that gets the audience sad. Its the reaction from the characters. Also if you're trying to make people cry, don't let your character give way to tears immediately. Its a similar rule in comedy: if you want to make the audience laugh, the character can't do it for them
    Jul 8, 2024

    LadyMysterio Ok here's an acting tip that coupe probably apply here. The thing about crying is, we don't want to cry. So maybe try making your character do everything to resist crying/feeling this way.
    Jul 8, 2024

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  • Catching up on some of these fantastic tags!! These are for my novelette :D

    Spoiler! :
    Joann never thought she would love a deaf man, in fact, she never thought she would find love at all. Being blind came with its limitations.

    Spoiler! :
    Hmm, probably Ava in this story. Ava is one of the kidnapped victims... who gets killed at the end. But Joann and Markus go on to name their baby after her. Joann forms a bit of a connection with her before she dies. She has a very strong country accent and I just love her character and am thinking of making a backstory for her/connecting her to the plot of my next short story!! Time for me to build up my horror universe like Stephen King haha

    Spoiler! :
    Well... Markus is actually a serial killer and not deaf XD (Well, he WAS deaf at the start but then he became a serial killer scientist and cured his deafness.

    RavenAkuma *my star button is still bugged, so I will put a star here ~ ☆
    Jul 8, 2024

  • Another week of LSS done thanks to my phenomenal crew and amazing cheerleaders!!! :D

  • I wish that everything wasn’t a constant “who has it worse” anytime you struggle. I want to be able to have a bad day without feeling like I don’t deserve to feel bad since you’re in worse.

    twiggy Oh my gosh this is so true
    Jul 7, 2024

    Messenger This is one of the hardest things to learn not to do, especially if no one has ever pointed it out to you before:/
    Jul 8, 2024

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  • Tomorrow is review and LSS catch up day for me :)

  • I would love feedback!!

    EllieMae wrote:Okay I need ideas for new stories and one thing I love doing is making quick little plot ideas for fun, so I thought why not type up a bunch right now!

    Which one is your favorite? Feedback on which ones I should write are appreciated!

    Plot 1: A narrative piece through a house where everything seems... off...think Coraline vibes. It's like real life, but the main character cannot quite tell why everything is so weird. Also he has no memory of how he got here, though the people seem familiar. As the story goes along, he realized that he is actually trapped in a nightmare and must do something to wake his body up before it's too late... because if you die in a dream, well, you die in real life.

    Plot 2: A diary entry style story that follows a kidnapped man as he slowly falls in love with his captor... as well as her strange motives for him...Normally stories are about girls being kidnapped so I want to totally reverse the roles and power dynamics in this one.

    Plot 3: A group of clowns who travel and bring joy to thousands of children around the country... little do they know that this circus is actually a traveling cult, recruiting members. One clown in the circus questions the motives of the rest of her coworkers, and begins to try and warn circus attendants of the dark motives of this group... but can she succeed, while being a mime and not able to talk?

    Plot 4: A man develops a strange addiction... an addiction for pain and pleasure, after being in a near death plane crash. When he wakes up after being in a coma, he discovers that he can feel someone's pain/pleasure by touching them. He starts out seeking pleasure, but rapidly, that is not enough. He turns to pain, accidently killing a friend. The feeling of death turns him into an emotionless, pain seeking man. But how far is he willing to go to satisfy his feelings for death?

    Plot 5: A conversation between Death and a mother bear, who is dying from a broken heart, after its cub got trapped and died in a bear trap. She realizes that death is here for her and not her cub.

    Areastrixleiell The last three all sound so amazing. I can't decideee-
    Jul 5, 2024

    Valkyria I really like Plot 1 and 3! They seem like a perfect blend of horror and mystery
    Jul 5, 2024

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  • People from New Zealand are living on a whole different level. There is a slight size increase in their bills from 5 to 10 to 20 to 50. They get bigger as it is worth more! And they are plastic and shiny like Canadian money!

  • Oh my God, did you just post in every single randomosity thread? XD

    EllieMae Just part of my daily routine LOL
    Jul 5, 2024

    EllieMae Also, how are you doing @Isbah??
    Jul 5, 2024

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  • I am going to New Zealand in 5 days 0:

    SoullessGinger omg wait are you gonna see where they filmed the hobbit?
    Jul 5, 2024

  • #RPMoGoals
    -Keep my lovely LSS ship afloat
    -Participate in hashtags and workshops/pad parties
    -become a better RPer
    -have fun, of course!!

  • POV: someone set of firecrackers in the theatre lol

  • Guys help I am at the theatre and my 9th grade brother and his friend won’t stop saying skibidi in the theatre and they have this bet going where they are gonna scream it during the movie T-T

    LadyMysterio Duct tape can answer a lot of problems.
    Jul 4, 2024

    LuminescentAnt I’m so sorry for you. Good luck.
    Jul 4, 2024

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— C. Northcote Parkinson