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  • So there looks like there is a storm on the way here and I'm hoping that it's just normal rain and normal thunder because a few nights ago we had some fork lightning, thankfully it wasn't to bad where I was living but it created a few fires in other places.
    On the other hand it was the first time I'd really seen fork lightning that close and it was pretty amazing! :shock:

    fantasies oh that’s scary. hope you stay safe!
    Jan 17, 2024

  • So my ears feeling a bit better today, and I think I've found some music that might spark up some novel writing which would be great!!

  • Currently have a bad earache, this is what happens when I'm stressed I start picking my ear to much until it really starts hurting, I think this is the worst it's ever been though.

    AilahEvelynMae <3333
    Jan 14, 2024

    Kaia Oh no! I'm so sorry, Doss. That sounds so difficult. I hope it gets better soon.
    Jan 15, 2024

  • Bad Short Story Turned Into Something About YWS!

    Spoiler! :
    Part 1

    As I fly into a large room filled with friends I can here many different voices with familiar faces that always welcome and comfort me.
    I look over at alliyah who’s bent over looking down at some of her poetry that needs editing
    “Hey Dossy!!” alliyah says looking up from her papers.
    “Hey, how’s that chicken poetry going?” I ask looking down that the papers, since I’d found out that alliyah liked chickens so much I’d actually grown to dislike eating it, instead I just preferred to look at the chicken in it’s full glory. She smiled as I heard Kaia grown over nursing studies.
    “Um hey maybe you should get a nice cup of hot chocolate and take a little break don’t where yourself out okay,” I put a wing on Kaia trying to not scare the hamster off.
    “Yeah that might be a good idea although I’m almost done figuring this out I think,” Kaia said looking up at me smiling. I winked at them and the looked at the teatiime shop.
    “Maybe go visit teatiime I’m sure they’ve got something nice for you to relax with,” just as I say this teatiime comes rushing out with hands full of hot chocolate and tea.
    “What I heard that it helps with concentration,” they say as they hand everyone a cup
    “tea you awesome person I was just about to go get this!” I screech excitedly trying to blow it because if I drink it while it’s to hot I won’t feel it’s hot and I’ll find out later that my tongues been badly burnt.
    I looked over at Ailah suddenly feeling real bad for them, they where struggling a lot with things lately and I just wanted to come over and give her a real hug and say that it’s going to work out somehow, but I hated giving people false hope.
    I slipped Ailah a note asking how they were and if things were going okay and if they’d like to talk in private in private meeting of some kind. I wanted a proper answer from them and they didn’t look like they where ready to answer right now.
    In the mean time though I might as well pay BluesClues a visit.
    “Hey Blues, how’s the writing going?” I ask trying to keep it short since I can see that there really busy. They glance up at me there penguin wings struggling to grip the pencil.
    “It’s tiring but worth it,” they say as they pick up the pencil again and start writing. I then spiral into the air my wings carrying me high up into the room up here I feel like I can see everyone and everything around me. Even head quarters can be seen where Big Brother sits holding the very precious Quill that always writes helpful notes even in there fragile state, and there beside them sits the honorable Snoink with many suggestions on how to improve things. I then see the empty seat across from Snoink and my mind shoots back to KateHardy who had been missing for awhile now I really hoped that they where doing well. I then noticed the funny looking fish dragon none as Shady walk in, there jokes always kept everyone laughing there was never a moment that I didn’t have fun when talking to them.
    And then there was Mageheart who was busy talking about roleplay plans for next nano excitement filling there voice as they spoke about it. I then noticed FireEyes waving at me from her desk in the green room I waved a wing back at them. They where so kind, that reminded me I really had to get around to reading there story I’d almost completely forgotten about it.
    I then sore keystrings fiddling with some long last notes that they’d to carefully hidden with those keys of there’s. I chuckled to myself, well if I ever need to hide something I knew where to go.
    And Spearmint who’d been doing a great job at being a Global Mod always working and helping out around the society that forever keeps growing. And over to the side is Gengar messing around with some drawings that they’d been working on, that frankly I thought where pretty awesome and interesting. I then felt something itchy on my head, hold on a sec wait a moment that’s LuminescentAnt on my back guess they thought it would be fun to fly.
    “Oh sorry hope your don’t mind,” they said smiling, I smiled back at them.
    “Not at all just keep your grip okay really don’t want you falling down,” they nodded totally happy to be there. I then glanced over at my desk with I letter that I’d forgotten to give to DreamyAlice, I wanted to say sorry to them for not carrying on with the roleplay that we’d started last year, it seemed like it wasn’t ever going to carry on at this rate. A pit of guilt sank down to my chest, okay that’s it I really needed to get that letter to them.

    Stay Tuned For Part 2

    @alliyah @KaiaJersaga @teatiime @AilahEvelynMae @BluesClues @Big Brother @Quillfeather @Snoink @KateHardy @Shady @Mageheart @FireEyes @keystrings @Spearmint @GengarIsBestBoy @LuminescentAnt @DreamyAlice
    Current Inspiration @teatiime's Drawing: https://ibb.co/YQZJDTF

    Please Give Your Honest Thoughts! :)

    Snoink Lol, I have no suggestions on how to do anything anymore. XD But they put up with me anyway, so it's all good. :)
    Jan 11, 2024

    keystrings Aha so cute!
    Jan 11, 2024

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  • Well if I end up writing a bad short story today for #24in24 writing I've decided I might post it on my wall so you all can read it! be free to say its crummy, that's why its bad.

    AilahEvelynMae id love to read it!!
    Jan 10, 2024

  • DreamyAlice wrote:
    ....Our New Featured Member....


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  • Hu *sighs* me sitting in my room randomly coming up with an awesome song, and not writing any of it down and then trying to write it the next day because you decided it was a good song, and you've forgotten half the words.

  • PaigeFantasy wrote:
    IcyFlame wrote:A reminder for this in 2024!

    Big Brother wrote:Hi everyone, with all the fun reviewing events happening right now this is a important message from your moderator team:

    Do not use AI writing tools to generate the majority of your review. While these tools can be fun to experiment with for your own work and can even aid writers as a tool in generating creating prompts and ideas, representing these types of AI generated writing as your own is unfair to other reviewers and unfair to the authors who are hoping for human (or maybe goose?) feedback.

    As a writing website, YWS exists to promote creative writing and the sharing of writing feedback between writers, representing AI generated writing as your own undermines those things, so it is important that we take this issue seriously. AI writing can be hard to spot, so we are relying on you as fellow writers and community members to act with honesty in representing your work and your reviews.

    If a user is found to be using AI reviews those will be treated as both spam and plagiarism, the review may be removed along with the points earned from them, and the user may be banned from the site. Please reach out to a moderator if you have any questions or suspect that you have received an AI generated review.

    Good luck reviewing this month, YWS!

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  • So I'm going to try and make a commitment to write at least one paragraph of writing a day, hopefully I'll write more and longer then I can use it to update my #24in24 log!! :)

    keystrings happy to hear! good luck with writing this year c:
    Jan 3, 2024

    Dossereana Thanks, to you as well :)
    I'm hoping to write everyday this year will see if I reach my goal, what's your goal may I ask?

    Jan 3, 2024

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  • So I was finally able to sit down a write a poem today which I haven't done in awhile. :)

    OrabellaAvenue Yay!!

    ...can I read it?

    Jan 1, 2024

    Dossereana Hopefully, not quite done with it yet though!
    Jan 2, 2024

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  • Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So I felt like being creative!


    AilahEvelynMae i love the printing so muchhhhh <33333
    Dec 30, 2023

  • 20/12/2023

    24 minutes of Poetry writing and short story

    Okay I wanted to at least get something for this last month and I'll slowly update this lol, um but yeah I forces a bunch of writing that I can't use for anything for this last part :P

    Everyone that's for my 23in23 update Lol, anyways I did actually write for a week but for some reason forgot to say that or couldn't be bothered because I'm tired.

  • Anyone else having a really bad month and looking forward to it ending?!!

  • SquillsBot wrote:Beep boop! It's time for a bumper edition of Squills! Full of poetry, interviews, book recommendations and a summary of what's going on in our holiday thread. Get all this and more in the newest edition of Squills <3



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