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  • Day 10(ish) of blasting All I want for Christmas is you but it's off-key in my math class? (If you count having to lower the volume and pretending my headphones are in now...)

    yamiryre You got this!!! You will surely spread the christmas spirit
    Dec 1, 2023

  • My classmate just went up to my teacher, rasping about getting hit in the no-no spot, and asking to go to the nurse, and my teacher said "You don't need to go to the nurse," and started giving him therapy. He told him to take deep breaths and had his hand on his back...he said "I know it hurts, it'll be okay, just breathe." How sweet

  • Welcome!

    Hiya Dirt, here's a (belated) welcome to YWS! ^-^ This is a wonderful place for readers, writers, poets, roleplayers, and just people in general, and we're thrilled you're here! Here are some quick links you might want to check out:

    FAQ for New Users This post lists the basics of publishing and reviewing works on YWS.
    Official YWS Rules & Guides Here are our site rules. Essentially, please be a decent person and be considerate of others. :]
    Knowledge Base This is a treasure trove of helpful articles about poetry, writing, reviewing, and more. One useful thread is the Big Book of YWS Codes, which is a guide to the bbcode that you can use on YWS to add colors, images, and more! Plus, see the list of icons (like ) here and the list of smilies (like :smt003 and :daddarth) here.

    Along with reviewing other ywsers' works and publishing your own works, you can have some fun in the Randomosity forums, join a roleplay, hang out on the People tab, or just explore the site. And of course, feel free to ask me or any moderator (junior or global) any questions you have! (You can hit the little black arrow below this post to reply right now.) I hope you'll like it here! =D


    Dirt Thank you for the help and welcoming!!
    Oct 18, 2023

  • You're so lucky you're at the beach rn...we had a fitness day today. broken heart emoji.

    Oct 16, 2023

    Dirt Ohh, phew, I thought you meant it was fitness week... I'm sorry you had to experience that
    Oct 17, 2023

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  • Oh, oops


    starbean again hehehe
    Oct 6, 2023

    Dirt Is Autumn your favorite season?
    Oct 6, 2023

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  • Hi Hannah

    starbean you posted something instead of replying haha

    Oct 6, 2023

  • starbean
    Oct 6, 2023

    hehe hiiii

  • yamiryre
    Oct 6, 2023

    I've never heard of a Hannah, who is she...

    Dirt Did you know that Hannah backwards is Hannah...? Shivers.
    Oct 6, 2023

    yamiryre i'm going to be sick...looking into this
    Oct 6, 2023

  • starbean
    Oct 5, 2023

    WHAT hi
    how is skywalker the bearded dragon

    Dirt (Capital, Hannah) Skywalker is fine
    Oct 6, 2023

  • fantasies
    Oct 5, 2023

    hello, hannah’s friend. :) welcome to yws!

    Dirt Helloo, thank you for the welcoming
    Oct 5, 2023

Almost all absurdity of conduct rises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.
— Samuel Johnson