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  • WritersUnleashed
    Mar 8, 2011

    YW. And ya, my plot creation was a pain. Its even harder to put those coffee stained notes into a novel. But its all in good fun :) Hey, you should check out the chat once and a while. We dont bite.

  • Me too actually. :P Byeee!

  • Haha, exactly!

  • Mrs Elizabeth Darcy
    Mar 8, 2011

    I lived in BC for nine years and I do remember being very glad to see the snow go. I can't feel that way here :P

    If I told you where I live, I would have to kill you. Do not tempt me. [/John Forsythe voice]

    Suffice it to say, I live somewhere where the snowplows are painted, and where if we get two millimetres of snow, the schools slam closed in a panic. I live somewhere where the cherry trees bloom in February and the violets come out in March, and between May and September the thermometre never drops below 25. (I need to make this into a poem.) Nice place, but I miss home. :(

  • Neither can I, but still. x3

    That's a good point. What's right for you is wrong to me, and what's right for me is wrong for you. Wow, that's confusing... haha.

  • Oh, yes, the way we drive is wonderful. :lol: I always get confused when I go to the states and everyone's driving on the different sides of the road.

  • Teardrop
    Mar 8, 2011

    Welcome to YWS! By the way, is that a sock monkey hat in your picture? XD Cool.

  • Haha xD

    Right now, I can guarantee you that it's not much colder in Canada than it is here. I've always wanted to go to Canada.

  • Yeah, I'm from Britain, so France isn't really that far. Hehe.

  • Even the sound of it makes me cringe. >.< Mind you, some of the make-up can actually be really pretty sometimes. My friend once has this, like, black and gold themed make-up for a competition and it was epic.

    The furthest she's gone is France, I think. I was like O.o ... I want to be you.

  • It's great to hear you're liking the site!

    Hehe, I have a friend that does loads of dancing and some of the make-up she has to wear is very... bright. :lol: I'm kinda jealous though because she gets to leave school for competitions and junk loads, even if she make-up she has to wear's a bit scary sometimes. x3

  • Heya, Delanie! Welcome to YWS! I hope you've had a good time here, so far. If you have any questions about the site or whatever, don't hesitate to ask me.

    Oh, and I like your profile picture, by the way. You're really pretty. :)

  • Mrs Elizabeth Darcy
    Mar 8, 2011

    Would so rather be too cold than too hot... :) I remember the snow drifts. And the snow. And the White Christmases. And the...snow. Sigh.

    Spring where I am. Lovely weather--awful bugs. :P

  • Mrs Elizabeth Darcy
    Mar 8, 2011

    How is the True North Strong and Free? I miss Canada so much...

  • DelanieHeart
    Mar 8, 2011

    Check out my new club; follow my writing projects :)

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