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Hi! My real name is Daniella, but everyone calls me Dan or Danni. I enjoy writing and reading! I love mythology, Wicked, Rick Riordan books and Marvel films, especially the Thor ones! For those of you who were wondering, I don't actually live in Fairyland, I live in London! My protagonist in my main story, Maia, is inspired by my awesome cousin Mia. I have a cat and a dog: Pedro, a dopey Labrador! I used to have a cat named Molly who looked almost identical to my avatar and a tortoiseshell named Mojo, but they both died. I have three brothers and a sister: Mark, Isaac, Jonathan, and Cassandra (or Cassie) - I am the oldest :D I have quite a few friends but my BFF is named Caroline or Caz.
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Animals, Loki, myths, Loki, reading, Loki, Marvel films, Elphaba, Loki, Marvel comics, Wicked, being totally obsessed with Loki and writing


Fairy warrior, huge Marvel fan and Loki superfan

the only theft here is of decency when carina decided to rob me of my pride and put me on a banana
— veeren