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About Chris Dixon

I was lost in wonder if my life would ever be the same as it was.

I just dragged my self to school work, and I always tried to ignore everything in my life.

I was depressed and I was so disappointed by the world. And everything else. I gave up on everything, and I had no interest in anything.

And I was just totally lost.

But I always found myself reading and writing, no matter how I felt.

I had an interest after all. Hidden in the tired wonders I wasn't nothing anymore. I was someone. Someone who heard whispers of encouragement in the mid of time she could have faded away from the world.
And I'm so thankful for everyone, especially to the ones who wrote the books who saved my lost feeling. And to whoever who lead me to love of animes.

I still feel loney, but not always.

I was a little timid girl lost. But somehow found by the world again.

My favorite books are:

A wrinkle in time
The Thief Lord
Wilder king trilogy
Lord of the rings
Where the forest meets
The guardians
Fatal system error
Honor bound
Red wall
When you reach me
The story of science
The case of the missing mangroves
Yours truly
Heart of Samurai
The traitor's gate
Moon over manifest
Navigating early
Sherlock Holmes
River of the sky
Crime and punishment
Neptune Project
Travel team
The homes of die drear
The plague
Sword and pen
Flash fiction
Pictures of Hollis wood
City of dead
The thief
Gone girl
Night prayers
And when she was good
Bluebird bluebird

My favorite anime:
Demon slayer
Darker than black
Lost in Astra
Detective Conan
Sword art online
Fate stay night
Beyond the Astra
Free-Dive to the future
Assassins pride
Garden of words


Reading, writing, researching, drawing. Science, math, programs, animation, etc. Anything related to sports and mechanical things. I love to read mysteries, suspense, detective, horrors, and SFs. And I don't really enjoy reading romance. My favorite is short stories and poems.


Student in HIS

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and THEN do your best.
— W. Edwards Deming