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I'm chie. that's my writerly name anyhow (will it be a pen name? probably not). I'm from the greatest state in the US where all the weird things happen. I train horses and graduated in May of 22 as a veterinary technician. I have been writing for...probably forever and have a wild imagination. Call it childish if you will but I will absolutely have a swordfight in public with two really cool sticks despite being a grown woman.
^ This bro right here is my vibe 90% of the time.
So he shall stay on my profile for now.

- Virgo
- Ravenclaw

My genres are fantasy and historical fiction mainly, though I have dabbled in science fiction. I am forever a lover of drawn out but elegant prose, and Tolkien is probably my favorite author. I'm currently writing a high fantasy story which should kick off in May after I'm out of school and settled down. I used to be a history nerd but then college murdered my brain, so hopefully once I graduate and get a good job I'll have time to do (and afford) the things I love, which are my horses, dogs, reading, writing, shooting, fishing...all of it. I used to have time for things as a teenager but shoot I've gotten old.


many different things


vet nurse, procrastinator

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
— Thomas Edison