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  • Happy birthday!

    Cathe993 Thank you!
    Apr 28, 2020

  • Happy birthday! <3

    Cathe993 Thank you!
    Apr 27, 2019

  • Cathe993 Thank you!
    Apr 27, 2019

    Lib Np. :)
    Apr 28, 2019

  • Mageheart
    Oct 10, 2018

    Happy cake day!

  • Mageheart
    Apr 27, 2017

    Happy birthday!~ I hope you have a wonderful day that's filled with joy - you definitely deserve it! <3

  • Mageheart
    Oct 17, 2016

    Congratulations on your first review star! :D

  • Mageheart
    Oct 10, 2016

    Hi, @Cathe993, and welcome to YWS! I'm Mage! If you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me! :D

    Here's some helpful parts of YWS that can help you understand how things work on the site:

    Knowledge Base - YWS
    YWS Critique Sandwich
    FAQ For New Users
    Welcome Mat

    If I can't answer your questions, or I'm not on when you have one, you can always ask the users whose names are in green (moderators) or red (administrators). Other users would be happy to help as well! :D

    What type of things do you like to write? I write fantasy novels that are sometimes also mysteries, and enjoy writing realistic fiction short stories.

    Also, since this a really fun question to ask, where did you get your username from?


    Cathe993 Hi Mage,

    Thanks for the useful information!

    I like to write contemporary fiction with a drop of sci-fi/fantasy and historical fiction.

    Hmmm...I've been using this username on a number of sites for some time, and I can't exactly remember where I got it in the beginning. :) How did you get yours?

    Oct 13, 2016

    Mageheart You're welcome! :D That's pretty neat! What other sites do you use, if you don't mind me asking? I got my username from one of my characters - it's his nickname. His full name is Magestorrow Rian (Magestorrow was my last username and TheLearningWriter was my first). I'm also a big fan of anything magical, so it definitely fits! ^_^
    Oct 14, 2016

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