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How do you do, fellow kids?

Just trying to live my best life in the most chaotic and fun way possible. :)

You're welcome to drop a message on my wall! luv me some rando messages.

Feel free to ask me a question in Ask an Engineer!

Quote Hall of Fame:

Spoiler! :
"proof i've corrupted people's typing abilities" quotes:
"God, you make me type all lazy and stuff." —Iggy

"my typing was fine til i MET U" —ShadowVyper

"yknow i used to spell decently but then somethin happened when i joined yws and started following u" —NastyMajesty

"I’ve started randomly using all caps for emphasis when texting my irl friends and I wholeheartedly blame you." —SpiritedWolfe

"Carina made us realise typos are fun, so we are kinda immune to dis" —Hkumar

"her influence has made me a bad typer >:(" —YoshiKrab

"its funny to c u riting with proper grammar" —LordMomo

"i cannot believe you have an entire portion of your quote hall of fame for JUST U RUINING PEEPS GRAMMAR AND SPELLING LOL" —Vincian

"proof i've instilled chaos bc there are so many of these i had to make a new section" quotes:
"I think that's because, in D&D terms, I'm Lawful Good and you're Chaotic Good." —AstralHunter, 2020

"I feel like somehow the noobs have been told that the three of us are chaos." — ShadowVyper, 2021

"carina likes to say she is chaotic evil, but she is just chaotic lazy" —Vincian, 2021

"I've gotten at least 10 times more chaotic ever since we started talking, and 20 times more chaotic ever since we DMed" —Magebird, 2021

"everyone who enters her sphere of influence becomes 1000x more chaotic" —Tuckster, 2021

meme'tastic quotes:
"Let's ask Nate who he loves more."—veeren, 2013
"Oh dear."—Nate, 2013

"I have a theory that anything you write anywhere on any domain is automatically marked as spam by the internet overlords." —veeren, 2013

"Imma tell you a secret. I don't just tell this to anybody. I'm not really a cow. I'm a man." —CowLogic, 2013

"I'm pretty much used to your sentences not making sense." —Vincian, 2013

"I never say 'OMG', but... OMG" —AstralHunter, 2018

"let us be emo in peace" —soundofmind, 2021

carina'fied quotes:
"car8na is awesome" —veeren, 2013

"Carina is the best person ever and I will send her lots of chocolates for being awesome." —totally Iggy, 2013

"carina is the goddess of the shitpost club" —ShadowVyper, 2020

"if carry were a soda, she'd be a white claw. refreshing, but a bit alcoholic" —veeren, 2020

"I now have a badass degree from the University of Carina." —Tuckster, 2020

"tbh i have no idea where u came from rina. there was no start. just shitpost" —ShadowVyper, 2021

"carina is my mercenary-- except instead of weapons, she uses OOC thread links. beware" —Yoshikrab, 2021

wholesome quotes:
"Your blog is about fifty times better than The Notebook -- which is turning out to be dreadful, for anyone thinking about reading it." —Prokaryote, 2014

"I just realized that it was your short story that fueled my love for UAVs. Anyway I think it's neat that you changed my life, even just in a small way. Hope this inspires you to go places with your writing; it certainly inspired me." —Joe, 2014

"You're like that one really bright star that insists on shining even when the light pollution tries to drown it out." —Tenyo, 2014

"your chaotic energy and kindness is something worth living for" —Euphoria8, 2020

"I've figured out what you are - you're one of those bottomless popcorn thingies" —starlitmind, 2021

and now for my proudest yws accomplishments:
Spoiler! :
- 2013: voted most likely to invent a time machine
- 2014: voted most hungry
- 2020: voted to be yws clown

somehow i don't doubt this escalation


salsa dancing until the sun comes up; randomly explaining things with science; spamming derpy messages on yws; binge roleplaying because i have no self control


engineer by day, wild magic sorcerer by night

Remember when dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth and your mom was your hero? Race issues were about who ran the fastest, war was only a car game. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and good byes only meant tomorrow? And we couldn't wait to grow up.
— Unknown