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BookWolf is Wolfing Down Books!

I've been writing for four years and wrote my first novel in June 2015. Currently, it is in the third draft and about 60 thousand words long. I plan on making it much longer, in hopes of it eventually being considered an epic.

I am a huge fan of movies and books. Along side with being an author, I hope to do something with film, whether it be acting or even directing. I love music, too, especially violin, but can't EVER see myself growing up to be a musician. :D

If you have any questions about me or have a review request, please don't be afraid to PM me or leave message on my wall. :D I don't bite, I promise, but I can be a little nippy. ;)


Books, movies, music, video games, animals, and TV shows.

I drink tea and forget the world's noises.
— Chinese saying