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  • alliyah PENGUINS! I'm telling you these are clearly PENGUINS! #TeamChicken
    Mar 7, 2023

    BluesClues they're so CUTE AND FRIENDLY why are you so against penguins, alliyah??
    Mar 8, 2023

  • "penguin"?? what is this "penguin" of which you speak, my avatar is clearly a dapper man-about-town
    lliyah wrote:ohmygoodness I leave YWS for just a few hours and come back to a penguin invasion. Be on the lookout friends. Something... penguiny is happening. I think the only appropriate response is to change my avvie to a chicken.

    If anyone has information on the penguin invasion, any information that gets us closer to the truth can be submitted to me for a 50 point reward - > we need to find the truth. @_@ #unclassified #longlivebigbrother

    Penguins spotted so far... @Snoink @BluesClues @magebird @Liminality @ForeverYoung299

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    Snoink And my avvie is *clearly* a pig...
    Mar 6, 2023

    BluesClues clearly!!
    Mar 6, 2023

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  • I'll be in here since it is becoming clear to me I'm not gonna be in Word doing my line edits lol

  • Liminality wrote:Image

    Announcing 2023’s first Gen Lit Clinic!

    What is Gen Lit Clinic? Gen Lit Clinic is a pad discussion where everyone brings a question or two related to the topic of the month. This month, that is story arcs.

    The term ‘story arc’ can be used in a variety of ways, but for simplicity we’re going to take it in a very broad form. A story arc is basically the progression of your narrative across your short story, book or perhaps script. If you have a question about what kind of story arc you’re shaping, how to make it engaging, or what to do about conflict, ask it below!

    An example question: how do you write an engaging redemption arc?

    Gen Lit Clinic will happen on this date/time:

    The pad link will be posted in the People’s Tab, so stay tuned for that!

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  • I for one certainly don't have a penguin avatar
    Snoink wrote:I want to point out that this hot take is absolutely wrong and penguins are actually not taking over YWS.

    lliyah wrote:MAGE

    The penguins are spreading.

    lliyah wrote:Both @/foreveryoung299 & @/liminality have the same penguin avatar. I'm not sure what it means. But I am taking note in case this becomes an important detail.

    Side note: are penguins just Antarctic chickens?? <.<

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    alliyah @_@
    Mar 6, 2023

    Snoink He is clearly a fine gentleman and definitely not a penguin.
    Mar 6, 2023

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  • Happy late birthday!🎂

    BluesClues thank you! <3
    Mar 5, 2023

  • is this perhaps the reason for my Weird Thing About NamesTM
    Arcticus wrote:Image

    Isn't it beautiful that we ask strangers their names, and having learned their names, remember them by it. Names — the last line of defence against forgetting. Names — the last resistance against erasure. Our only way to call out.

    #theARChives #sanctum

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  • oh god oh no
    Liminality wrote:
    lliyah wrote:Image

    30 Jam Jars Away

    Friends. We are only 30 Jam Jars away from NaPo! Watch out for some poetry hype from Poetry Crew this month because our poetry enthusiasm can not be contained!

    As you start getting your jam recipes, themes, and poetry inspo in a basket to get you through April - here's some threads you might love to check out!

    haiku train (write a haiku using the last line the last person wrote as your first line!)

    Write the Worst Poem you can. Dismiss your inner editor and write the worst poem you can to get that creativity flowing!

    Lean into some poetry discussions and ask the "why" and "how" about your poetry -> What's your motivation & How do you revise?

    and finally ... I commend to you YWS Statuses that could work as a NaPo Thread Title watch the people tab and look for potential napo titles -> can we find one every day until napo? Help us look!

    lliyah wrote:Has anyone seen any jam jars around here?

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    Spoiler! :

    Wait a second... I don't know what NaPo is!

    NaPo is short for "National Poetry Writing Month" which happens around the world every April. On YWS we celebrate it by emphasizing all things poetry. The "traditional challenge" is to try to write 30 poems during April, one poem every day of the month and post it in the NaPo Forums. However you can participate at any level, meaning you can still join in the fun even if your goal is closer to 10 or 15 poems! :) Watch for more information, activities, and challenges as we get closer to April.

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  • Horisun wrote:Hope to see everyone there!

    GengarIsBestBoy wrote:I’m totally joining this

    Big Brother wrote:

    Break the Chat!

    The Young Writers Society has a new chatroom, and on *, we're going to try to break it!

    You, me, and any other YWSer who is totally not a robot.

    Every so often, YWS holds a Break the Chat event where we essentially try to cram as many people as possible into the chat until it breaks. A couple times, the server has actually crashed. The only way to try making the server crash this time is to make sure you're there!


    The YWS chatroom, which is accessible via the Chat tab on any page when logged in.

    So, there's two reasons really. The professional reason is that from time to time, Nate likes to stress test the server to find stuff that needs to be fixed. But, the real reason is to inaugurate the new chat room.

    So spread the word, and don't forget you can access the chat even on a mobile phone! Even if you're only able to join for a second, that'll be awesome.

    See you there!

    * All times adjusted to your local time

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  • Happy birthday, you wonderful human being !!! I hope today's been as amazing as you are <333

    (Even though that's something very difficult to beat! Your amazingness levels are through the roof.)

    BluesClues omg thank you so much <333
    Mar 1, 2023


    Hope your birthday is lovely and hope you have a really great year.


    alliyah I love that I just keep recycling this old birthday blues clues image saved in my YWS folder every year, kinda makes me smile. :D If you ever change your username (again) just anticipate that I will continue using the same birthday image.
    Mar 1, 2023

    BluesClues I love the recycled birthday blues image too 🥺 <333
    Mar 1, 2023

  • Happy birthday!! 🎂 ❤️

    BluesClues thank you <333
    Mar 1, 2023

  • happy birthday! <3

    BluesClues thanks! <3
    Mar 1, 2023

When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.
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