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  • Ah! Hvala moj Slavenski prijatelj! I hope you don't need a translation to figure out what that says! :o

  • Poor Imp
    Sep 2, 2006

    Priv'yet, my fellow Slav. Never did sign this? Oy...


  • Ah, and you'd be Scandinavian? Just to let you know-I am not Scandinavian, and my name is not Bjorn. It's my adopted name :o (I adore Norse culture) My real name is Dan, and I'm Croatian. And I am from Canada. :) Hope that cleared things up. So where are you from?

  • Chandni
    Aug 21, 2006

    Oi ! lol It has just caught my eye that my friends name is the same as urs :P Where are u from ?
    Greets, Chanzie

  • Ah! Oi! Now I'm not paying attention to it...Lol :o

  • Cassandra
    Aug 13, 2006

    Hola. *signs guestbook* :D

  • Sohini
    Apr 2, 2006

    Meow. *mews*
    Mews *meows*

    you seem to be fond of cats (or it's the other way :wink:)

  • Many people seem to view my profile (and more than once for some) and I ask them to post a little something here in my guestbook! I'd like to better know my comrades! Come now! :D

    Puno ljudi, izgleda mi, gledaju moj profiliu, i pitam i da nestu receju ovdje! Ja bi volio da znam moji prijatelji bolje! Dodi sad! :D

  • Obsessed? Not really... It's merely a scholarly delight...
    If I tend to wander through lands of fancy longer than others, thats my bid. Anyway, what's it to you?

  • Dargquon Ql'deleodna
    Dec 8, 2005

    are you obssesed with mythology fantasy and stuff...

  • Ahh...a secret I hold to myself...Let's just say, the dwarves keep many secrets to themselves...

  • Elfcat
    Nov 16, 2005

    Mae Govannen, Erethror. If you don't mind my asking, how ever did you get OUT to Tol Brandir?

Who knows anything about anyone, let alone themselves.
— Hank Green