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  • Today, I am fine. Yesterday I was totally out of the loop of things, to the point of vomiting in the morning. So I did not go to school. Oh the tortorous turbulence of my mind yesterday... But, anyway, it is over.

    Yourself? (And welcome, btw... :o )

  • mandylynn16
    Feb 15, 2007

    hello, bjorn
    and how might thy be?

  • Haha, hey hey! Wow its your first day! Woop woop!! :lol:

  • Certainly Love
    Feb 3, 2007


  • Aww... Well no matter, that's cool! I see you're new here, so welcome to the forums!

  • saoirse
    Dec 27, 2006

    I love pretty much everything in your interests, except metal *cringe*

  • Ah me! 1-The potatoes were fantastic! (Of course!)
    2 and 3-Thanks a whole bunch you two!

  • Happy sweet 16!!!!! :D

  • Poor Imp
    Nov 22, 2006

    [i:48f281c64a]S' d'yom pozhdenie![/i:48f281c64a]

    Oy, I hate transliterating. !_! Happy Birthday--in a few days--Bjorn!

    I'll assume the date YWS has is correct, of course. ^_^


  • Dream Deep
    Nov 16, 2006

    So how did the potatoes you were cooking turn out? ;)

  • Ah me Wiggy... She feels we'd be better off as friends... How did I see it coming? Why did I not listen to the omens... :roll:

  • Hey Bjorn! Thanks for commenting in my blog. :D

    How's *ahem*Jess*ahem* doing? *conspicuously turns on romantic classical music*

    Wiggy ;)

  • Chandni
    Sep 21, 2006

    Ohhhh, Im from the Netherlands Antilles :) Well I still think Bjorn is a nice name, Scandanavian or not :P

  • It may be too obvious, but she [i:2932947e0f]does[/i:2932947e0f] speak Russian :o

    And thanks for signing the guestbook! :)

  • Dream Deep
    Sep 4, 2006

    Ah! I never signed your blog?! How did I mangage that? :?

    Oh well, here I am in any event... ^_^


    And Imp? Addressing Bjorn as your 'fellow Slav'? You're Slavic? *falls over*

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
— George Santayana