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nothing is forever, everything is soon

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Coffee Does Nature Photography
Music Recommendations club
something like affirmations & vibrance
definitely not #classifed

Do not ask me to pronounce my full username because I am not French. Thank you for understanding

When not vibing in cyberspace, I'm usually making tunes, studying for fun, living out my cottagecore dreams, or being unpredictably creative ✨

My writing defaults to themes of death and loss, and my fascination with both of those topics is almost a running joke by now

I like making friends c:

bird doodle by alliyah <3


pls be my friend on switch pls pls pls:


Music, quality coffee, philosophy, physics, nature, poetry, writing for SBs, cooking, art history, animal rights, classic films, theology, anime/manga, artsy stuff, alottathings


"And the rest is rust and stardust."
— Vladimir Nabokov