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You came to see this:

First a Writer, Now a Film-maker. But still a Writer!

I'm very into science fiction and fantasy, so in my works, expect a taste of it! Both in my films which will come up on youtube, and my novels :D

Getting inspired by:


Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Damn I watched 'Return of the King' about 7 times!)
Star Wars Trilogy
Cloud Atlas
Children of Men
Alien and part 2
District 9
The Pianist
Blade Runner


Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series
David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring
Dicken's Tale of Two Cities

Other Interests Include:
Painting, Digital Compositing, Photography, Philosophy, Quantum and Astronomical Physics, Jujitsu, Muay-Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and Computer Games...lots of em'

And lastly I'm a weapons fanatic: Samurai Swords to Machine-guns, Artillery to a Frying Pan.


Skateboarding, Rock-climbing, Epic Gyming and probably jumping out of an airplane soon enough. Of course I love all water sports including snorkeling (Soon diving), canoeing and one day, wait for it...Water Jet Packs! Was once a Piano enthusiast, before turning into a rocking Drum Maniac. But I'm not that crazy over it!

Every empire tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires.
— Edward Said