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I'm the villain who doesn't know they're a villain, the one who tells herself it's all for the best while the bodies left in my wake tell a different story

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About AceassinOfTheMoon

that moment when you're trying to make sure your bio isn't awkward but all you can think to put in it are inside jokes and dark thoughts

Heyo :3 You can call me Chamomile, Kamryn, or Quill (Kamryn and Quill are preferred though)!

I'm a cosplayer and writer who never does either of those things (apathy and the crushing fear of doing anything wrong, am I right?) and I love reading.

A few fun(?) facts about me:
- I collect knives (it's not as creepy as it sounds okay I just think they're neat)
- I jokingly identify as a vampire, the Entity of Blades, and a moon (lovely, inside jokes that I'm pretty sure no one here will get)
- I'm beginning to get into anime
- Hayley Kioko and Halsey are my two favourite artists
- I'm obsessed with fairy lights and tealights

My current WIPs are:
- It Ended As It Began: Moonlight (in the process of being edited)
- It Ended As It Began: Wildfire (being written as we speak!)
- Sing Me A Song Of The Sea (in the very early stages of being planned)
- Blood Moon Rising (very cliche working title, also in the very early stages of being planned)
- The Age of Darkness (in the process of being written)
- It's No Fun Being A Saint (just started)
- No Witnesses (just started)
I love excitedly babbling about my stories, so feel free to ask!!


Reading, Writing, Talking to the people in my head, roleplaying, petting my cat, and painting my fingernails.


Professional Insane Person


One thing that America is objectively exceptional at is overreacting whenever anyone accuses them of not being exceptional.
— John Oliver