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About 1Weirdsituation

My name is... blank.
Sorry I had to think.
Should I give out personal information.
Wow this is one weird situation...
Well I love to write I instigate in fights
actually, only with my sisters.
Another fact is that I hate blisters.
Many times people are afraid.
But be true to yourself and don't die in the game.
I don't really get around though.
I play on a Yamaha piano.
Used to be a poet.
Couldn't do it anymore.
I love love stories and sometimes fan-fiction.
Please don't judge, I really hate jurisdiction.
I'm also in my school choir
and dance class is haywire.
But I'll just stick to my writing I go into the abyss.
I'll always be trying to prove that life is more that how we live.
Well thanks for reading or for you contemplation
On my life as 1Weirdsituation.


Anything that interests me.


Anything I love


"If fortis was here, we could have a teal party"
— Pompadour