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  • Roleplay Hollow
    Re: The Social Month Ball

    With this news, Ella spread a bit more butter on her scone. Magical powers? From a magical butter dragon? An opportunity like this did not just pop up every day! ...

    2 hours ago

  • Roleplay Hollow
    Re: The Social Month Ball

    Ella hadn’t heard of any of the dragons before, but the Butter Dragon sounded quite powerful. “The Butter Dragon…when does it appear?”

    6 hours ago

  • Roleplay Hollow
    Re: The Social Month Ball

    “Well, I’d much prefer butter, but if you like jam, then that is fine by me!” Ella said, smoothing butter on a scone.

    Sat Feb 04, 2023 2:21 pm

  • Roleplay Hollow
    Re: The Social Month Ball

    “The same to you! I am Lady Elsinore, but I would much prefer if you called me Ella. What might your name be?” She asked the man. Lady Elsinore noticed ...

    Fri Feb 03, 2023 3:21 pm

  • Roleplay Hollow
    Re: The Social Month Ball

    Lady Elsinore didn’t participate much in balls, but her parents insisted that she attend this one, so here she was. She thought that she was alone, but the sounds of ...

    Fri Feb 03, 2023 2:01 pm

  • Writing Activities
    Re: Story in Six Words

    The clock stopped chiming…oh no!

    Fri Dec 23, 2022 10:41 pm

  • Celebrity Crush I love you dearly You’re very famous SO MARRY ME ALREADY!!! Oh wait it’s 4:00 AM and you’re a celebrity and you’re never going to see my YouTube ...

    Wed Dec 21, 2022 9:53 pm

  • Storybook Sanctuary
    Re: A Holiday Labyrinth

    That sounds like an actual story I would tell lol.

    Wed Dec 21, 2022 3:05 pm

  • Questions and Answers
    Re: How to upload links?

    Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

    Fri Dec 16, 2022 7:32 pm

  • Questions and Answers
    Re: How to upload links?

    I want to upload links to my stories, but I don’t know how. Could anyone help me? (I also apologize for having this forum in the wrong category, I don’t ...

    Mon Dec 12, 2022 12:34 am

  • Songs I listen to (at the moment): 1.Tiptoe through the tulips (Tiny Tim) 2.Carnage (Jazmin Bean) 3.Halloweenie 3 (Ashnikko) 4.Bloodmoney (Poppy) 5.Shoreline Senorita (Wasted Wine) I am listening to a

    Mon Dec 05, 2022 8:53 pm

  • I’m not sure. Maybe “Someone for everyone”? or “Made for you”?

    Sun Dec 04, 2022 7:10 pm

  • Have you spoken to or befriended anyone who is not of the human species? And no, I am not talking about animals. I am talking about ghouls, monsters. It’s very ...

    Mon Nov 21, 2022 7:16 pm

  • Art & Photography
    Re: Q&A with Gabriel Edwards

    I would qualify this as art, but if you see fit that this belongs somewhere else, then you can remove this forum to another topic. This is just a fun ...

    Fri Nov 18, 2022 12:15 am

  • Questions and Answers
    Re: How do I delete this?

    This did help! Thank you.

    Thu Nov 17, 2022 12:56 am

i am neither a loose leaf nor do i like loose leafs. really, i am a piece of wide-ruled looseleaf paper
— looseleaf