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  • Figured out I need to change a direction in my NaNo project and I’m stuck. I have the idea, but I’m not sure I like the place it takes the plot to and I am also having trouble going back in the timeline and rewrite it. I don’t want to make myself write something I’m not happy with, but I definitely don’t want to quit neither. Any tips?

    IcyFlame I find if you want to change something, don't go back and rewrite - just pretend that it is always what happened. For example if you wrote your character's mother in chapter one and then you decide three chapters later that she actually died ten years ago just pretend you didn't include her in chapter one.

    The whole thing of NaNo is to power through and don't go back and edit or rewrite (really difficult to do, I know) but it helps you keep moving forward. Does that help at all?

    Nov 10, 2020

    omer Yes, it really helps, thank you Icy! 🥰
    Nov 10, 2020

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  • momonster
    Nov 5, 2020

    Congrats on the star!!

  • Mageheart
    Nov 5, 2020

    Congrats on getting your second review star! 🌟🌟

  • Congrats on your second review star! :)

  • Would like to know what you think! :)
    Scenes 3+4: Solving

  • I remember I got really excited by writing this play about God and his assistant, a few months ago. The thrill of writing is what sometimes keeps me awake. Even when I'm not going to sleep.
    Anyway, I got stuck after about seven scenes, and really disliked some of what I wrote there. The drastic change between being so happy with what I wrote to thinking it's really bad made me stop writing it.
    I want to overcome this stupid obstacle. Perhaps publishing it will inspire me? Well, why not trying.

    Scene 1: Infinite Wholeness

    This is the first scene. I invite you to read it and add suggestions! :)

  • diphylleia
    Oct 18, 2020

    Welcome in our society..
    Though I lately am not active, but you'll find everything here. I wish you enjoy!
    And remember, be always you.
    PS: thank you for your lovely review

  • Mageheart
    Oct 11, 2020

    Congratulations on getting your first review star! 🌟

  • starlitmind
    Oct 11, 2020

    Congrats on the first star! :D

  • momonster
    Oct 11, 2020

    Congrats on the star!!

  • Mageheart
    Oct 10, 2020

    Hello and welcome to YWS! I'm Mage. Feel free to come to me if you ever have any questions about YWS.

    (If I'm ever not on, junior moderators, global moderators and admins definitely would be able to help you out with any questions or concerns you have, and your fellow members would be happy to help as well.

    It just might be a little difficult to tell them apart right now because of of something called #RevMo - it's an event we hold every September. One of the rewards for it is getting a new username color, so some of the mods might not look like actual mods.But if you want to know who's a mod, you can also check The YWS Team.)

    Before you get settled in, you might want to swing by the rules thread to see what's allowed on the site, and the FAQ thread to figure out how the site works. It explains a lot about the basics of the site, like how to post your works and how to get points. It was really useful to me back when I first joined the site, so hopefully it'll be just as useful for you.

    Some fun areas of the site you might want to learn more about are the forums, blogs and storybook section. The forums have fun games, writing activities, and places to talk about whatever writing project you're working on. The blogs aren't used as much as the other sections of the site, but you can post little life updates there. And the storybook section is a place to collaborate on stories - either by co-writing novel-style stories, or by taking part in roleplays.

    I hope you enjoy your time on YWS, and feel free to ask me any questions you have about how the site works!

  • Hkumar
    Oct 9, 2020

    Welcome to YWS :D

  • momonster
    Oct 9, 2020

    Welcome to YWS!

    Hi! I'm Momo. Welcome to YWS!

    Here are some helpful links for you:


    FAQ for new users

    Welcome Mat

    The Big Book of YWS codes

    And if you ever have any questions, contact someone with a green username or a red username! Those are the junior moderators(Here's a list of them), the global moderators(Here.)and the administrators(Here.)! Of course, you can PM me with any questions!

    A question for you: What kind of stuff do you write?

    I hope you have fun here!

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