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  • Short Story » Realistic, Other
    Re: J'attendrai (1)

    Heya! Spotted this in the short story section so thought I'd drop by with a (probably a little rusty but we'll try our best) review. I really like the premise ...

    Apr 4, 2018

  • Other » General, General
    Re: Cloud Walker

    Hi Max! Welcome to YWS! All in all, I thought this was a really solid piece of writing. There are a few things I want to quibble about, which I'll ...

    Mar 27, 2018

  • Short Story » Realistic, Other
    Re: Marnin

    Hello! I thought this was a very promising premise for a story, and a very impressive effort considering you only had a day to write it. Generally, I felt like ...

    Aug 20, 2017

  • Novel / Chapter » Supernatural, Mystery / Suspense
    Re: The Pariah of Levon, 1

    Hi again! I don't have all that much to say about this chapter that isn't just "good job", so this won't be the longest review ever. First of all, I ...

    Feb 11, 2017

  • Novel / Chapter » Supernatural, Mystery / Suspense
    Re: The Pariah of Levon, 3

    Hey passenger! I was poking around the Novels section and noticed this chapter, so I thought I'd check it out! I went through and had a quick read over the ...

    Feb 8, 2017

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Dramatic
    Re: Chapter One

    Hi again! In some ways, I thought this chapter was stronger than the second chapter. I didn't find the modern/formal language quite as jarring, which is maybe because I was ...

    Feb 7, 2017

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Dramatic
    Re: Chapter Two

    Hey Noisette! Dropping by with a review! Just a quick heads up: I'm typing this on my phone, so I'm sorry if there are any typos. I haven't read the ...

    Feb 5, 2017

  • Short Story » Humor, Realistic
    Re: Your full of it

    Hello! Dropping by with a review. I quite enjoyed this little vignette into your character's life. I feel like there are some really interesting foundations for a good short story ...

    Dec 6, 2016

  • Article / Essay » Romantic, General
    Re: The Moon in Everyone's Sky

    Hi there Belle! A very belated welcome to the site! I really liked some of the metaphors in this piece. The constant references to space, light and stars were effective ...

    Nov 19, 2016

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Re: Among Shattered Stars, I May Fall.

    Hello there! Tri here with a review! Just a heads up, it's been quite a few months since I last wrote a review, so I might be a touch rusty. ...

    Nov 4, 2016

  • Hi again! Fell out of the reviewing habit for a week there, but getting back to it now. Hmm, I'm struggling to think of much to say for this chapter. ...

    Feb 11, 2016

  • Me again! Another interesting chapter. Still have no idea how to feel about Rowan, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Looks like a character with some conflicting layers, and ...

    Feb 4, 2016

  • Back again! This'll probably be a shorter review because there's less to say about this chapter because there's, well, less of it. I didn't mind too much that this was ...

    Feb 3, 2016

  • Heyo! Here for another review! I thought that this was perhaps the strongest chapter of your story so far. There was more of a sense that you'd gotten comfortable writing ...

    Feb 1, 2016

  • Hey again! Let's see if I can complete this review for the end of review day! This was another rather sweet chapter - I hope sweet doesn't sound condescending, because ...

    Jan 31, 2016

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