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Silver, but not gold because gold would not work well with night. gold night? nah

  • Stringbean
    3 minutes ago

    Spoiler! :
    ...I'm going to have to guess #2 because wt-absolute-f, are your joints okay? XD

  • Spoiler! :
    3 is too normal. I think it's the lie.

  • GengarIsBestBoy
    3 hours ago

    Spoiler! :
    I’m gonna say 3 since 1 is perfectly valid and 2 is believeable

  • FireEyes
    3 hours ago

    3, idk why but i feel it

    Stringbean I guessed 2, but I feel like you might be right >.>
    2 minutes ago

  • 3?

  • Snoink
    3 hours ago

    Please tell me 2 is the lie...

  • #twotruthsandalie #socialmonth

    I’d prefer guesses on my wall, but guess away!

    1. My worst non-serious fear is going over to someone’s house and being served lasagna.
    2. I can crack my knuckles so loudly that I won a talent show for it.
    3. I once played the handbells.

  • #roastyourdarlings #socialmonth

    callista: she's all about the muscles, but the brain is not a muscle

    hazel: he lost track of who he was somewhere along the way so he decided to identify as a chaos disaster instead

    kynina: an activist who will literally stand up for anyone but herself like COME ON GIRL YOU HAVE SPINE I KNOW IT

    lyric: they have two braincells, one of which is masterfully calculating the best way of being charismatic to everyone they meet and the other one thinks only in commercial jingles and slogans

  • i have enough to write already but every day, i get a little closer to writing about “pirates, but in my geographic location”

    pros of this idea: having regional familiarity, the sheer Vibe this would have, get better historical knowledge
    cons of this idea: research (derogatory), would definitely end up going down a rabbit hole, “but this part of the world didn’t have pirates!” (yes it did)
    TRUE pro of this idea: there would definitely be a kraken and probably something reminiscent of a heist. but you didn’t need me to tell you that

  • There's a new Social Month challenge for RP Week, and this time it's a write-in! Hop in if you'd like!


    February 4
    Week 1

    Have you been looking for a chance to catch up on all your RPs? Check out our third event of Social Month, the RP Write-In!

    To participate, join the fun in the pad.
    You can invite fellow YWS roleplayers to join to you in writing a post, plan a new roleplay, work on an RP challenge for a badge-- or just chill with company! Remember, all YWS site rules apply on WFPs.

    Check back on February 4th for the next challenge!

  • Hey hey! here's some truth / dare options!

    Truth > 10 things you are proud of yourself for
    Dare > start a new thread in randomosity <.<
    Dare > share a knock knock joke on the walls of every mod xD
    Truth > Have anything on your bucket list you are working towards that you'd like to share?

    SilverNight ooh i'm gonna have to consider this >.>
    Feb 3, 2023

  • fell asleep a couple hours before a final, as one does (i forgot to sleep last night) and for some reason i dreamed i was at a job interview being asked illegal interview questions and when i said “you shouldn’t be doing that, that’s a labor law violation,” dream business guy replied with “well you shouldn’t be applying for jobs when you should be studying chemistry, should you” and then i woke up and got right to studying so like thanks brain for keeping me in check

    SilverNight anyway don’t forget to sleep and to know your EEOC rights if you’re in the US, folks
    Feb 2, 2023

    Stringbean akdhf woah
    Feb 2, 2023

  • 5 Reasons Why Hot Chocolate Is Better Than Tea: An Argument That I Totally Did Not Make Up On The Spot
    by silver, on the occasion of @Euphory's #truthordare

    1. hot chocolate doesn't fill up two entire drawers of my pantry because there aren't a bajillion types that i feel the need to own, unlike somebody *cough* tea *cough*. i should charge my tea rent because it easily takes up 15% of my food space.
    2. hot chocolate is better because chocolate is the best thing on earth and so until Chocolate 2.0 or something is released* it remains undefeated.
    3. no one's elitist about hot chocolate. things heat up and boil over (ahahaha wasn't that funny) in the tea fandom because of arguments over things like whether or not tea should have sugar, or milk, or if it's okay for some teas to have those but not others, or what type of tea is the best. hot chocolate is just hot chocolate and all hot chocolate is a vibe.
    4. also, tea and coffee enthusiasts are always hashing out which drink is better and hot chocolate is chilling there in the other corner of the cafe, unproblematic and vibin'. caffeinated beverage quarrels? never heard of her.
    5. for the moment, it's socially acceptable to put marshmallows in your hot chocolate but not in your tea. if anyone wants to add marshmallows to their tea after reading this, i encourage you to (in the spirit of chaos), but under this current social norm, hot chocolate is certainly winning because it's the one with the marshmallows. thank you.

    *if any of you secretly have magic or powers, i am begging you, please. make Chocolate 2.0 happen.

    BluesClues yes to everything about this, the best argument that has ever been made
    Feb 1, 2023

    Snoink Legit.
    Feb 1, 2023

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  • i love monkeys so much that i just had to draw one in ms paint


    SilverNight @soundofmind i'm not sure this is even a monkey but here you are
    Feb 1, 2023

    foxmaster that is way better than what I can do
    Feb 1, 2023

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Sometimes my life just sounds like surrealistic fiction being sold on clearance at the book store.
— J. G. Hammersmith