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roleplaying is my platonic love language

  • and here's another #RPFunnies #socialmonth meme, this time from @WeepingWisteria and I's Viva la Revolution.

    (or any rp where i've written these two idiots (affectionate) together, really)


  • this is technically an old meme but i still find it funny and think it perfectly fits this most recent social month event :)

    so here's my best meme possibly ever made, from @WeepingWisteria and I's Falling Like Leaves.

    #RPFunnies #socialmonth


    WeepingWisteria This meme essentially sums up the entire plot of the RP XDDD
    22 hours ago

    Mageheart yeah asdfghjk
    22 hours ago

  • i so so so badly want to throw my beloved joey into the #socialmonth ball, but the boy swears like a sailor and i haven't figured out if i want to pg him by removing the swears entirely, having him do pg versions of them and be confused by why they're coming out differently, or just have them be pg without any explanation or acknowledgement whatsoever.

    Mageheart i'm leaning towards the second option, but i'm taking recommendations :)
    Sun Feb 05, 2023 12:51 pm

    Mageheart alternatively i bring my three eldritch rat children and just make it so the one that swears doesn't have a reason to this rp <333
    Sun Feb 05, 2023 12:52 pm

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  • i think one of the funniest bits i've ever done was having a character that was taken out of another character's dreams be an avid fan of neil gaiman's sandman series, but specifically the comics because the tv show hasn't dropped yet in his story's timeline

  • just did my part (with some very much appreciated nudging from @lliyah) and moved my old chicken poem into its rightful home!

    so if you're sitting on a chicken poem and don't want to lose the awesome yws selling point of this site having a chicken poetry category, you should join in and post it, too ;)

    Nate wrote:Okay everyone, I'm issuing an ultimatum. If there's not more than 20 works in the Chicken Lit section by this time next week, I am striking it out!

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  • i recently got invited to apply to a prestigious award for graduating seniors at my university, and the process to get it has involved me updating my resume

    and now every time i look at it, i take psychic damage at all of the things i had to stop doing in december 2022, since that was the end of last semester and you're heavily advised to not work/have a social life during student teaching.

    (the main thing is that i can't do my beloved english club anymore because student teaching falls right when the meetings are, but i also had to leave two jobs i liked very much because i couldn't do them on top of my unpaid internship)

  • no one:

    my brain every time it needs a song to listen to:

    phpBB [media]

    Mageheart it's only instrumentals but the way i just IMMEDIATELY start singing out all of the drum beats like they're actually words-
    Fri Feb 03, 2023 1:14 am

    ChesTacos *adds this show to list of things i need to watch and will probably start but never finish*
    Fri Feb 03, 2023 1:17 am

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  • Liminality wrote:

    Social Month 2023

    We all love YWS. It is a special place on the internet where you can find other people with a shared love of writing. We may have all stumbled on to YWS to share our writing, but we often stay for the community.

    To celebrate said community, we are delighted to announce that Social Month will be back in February 2023! During the month of February, there will be activities in the People's Tab and forums that will encourage conversation and fun.

    Click the image to find out more!


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  • student teaching may be tough but at least i have a new(ish) oc to think about every time things go badly


    Mageheart for context, joey is ironically the kind of student i'd ALWAYS have to reprimand because he literally can't stop himself from swearing 24/7, but he's a genuinely good kid and very much has himbo energy. he might not know what's going on but he's enthusiastic about it anyways <333
    Wed Feb 01, 2023 12:05 am

  • if my last post didn't give it away, today's random student teaching update is that today was a little rough >> not as rough as it could have been, but god they weren't kidding when they said student teaching is a stressful time. its also so tiring, and my mentor teacher is...a little bit more negative??? not towards me thankfully, but towards the school as a whole and its students. it's hard being surrounded by that kind of vibe all day

  • i've decided its very funny of me to tell myself im not getting paid enough to deal with discipline issues in my classes now.

    (the joke is that im not actually getting paid to begin with because my state sucks and doesn't pay you to student teach. and if i didn't have a scholarship, id actually be paying my college to let me student teach.)

    so this is your fun psa of the day. if you have a student teacher in one of your classes, chances are they're not getting paid whatsoever. so pls be nice to them and maybe not keep going on your phone when they ask you to put it away five times <33

    BluesClues ...do ANY states pay you to student teach and if so which ones are they and can Past Blues move there--
    Wed Feb 01, 2023 2:02 am

    Mageheart when trying to look up memes on tiktok to copeTM i saw one or two people vaguely reference getting a stipend or having their state recently decide to give stipends, but for the life of me I can't remember which ones they were

    And like

    Stipends aren't the same as a salary soooo

    Wed Feb 01, 2023 9:44 am

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  • i've decided to not stress about writing a novel while student teaching, at least for now, so here's a fun #teaser for a rp i'm doing off yws instead. yes it's a lockwood and co fic, and no i don't regret any of it.

    "Can someone get that?" Lockwood called out from the library, where he was currently curled up in an armchair in a t-shirt and pajama pants. "I'm not decent."

    "I'm not, either," George shouted. Nate, who was downstairs training, was out of earshot and probably wouldn't have been able to hear them over the smoke jets, anyways.

    "Then put on a pair of trousers!" Lockwood shouted back. "It could be a client!"

    "At this hour?" George questioned.

    Lucy, who had been heading down the stairs anyways to see what Lockwood was up to, sighed.

    "The two of you are impossible!" she shouted, joining in on the argument. She made her way down the rest of the stairs and went to the door.

  • Spearmint wrote:just about 7.5 hours left to…


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  • the urge to make a lockwood & co rp now that the show has dropped is very much stronger 👀

    Mageheart wrote:now that roleplay badges have dropped and there's a challenge to make a new rp, it looks like i'll have to start scheming one up 👀

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  • scatteredscones wrote:

    Magical Elements of a Review


    A good thoughtful review usually includes:

    - Introduction, where you briefly say hello and talk about what drew you to review the work. (Usually something related to the work that made it stand out such as 'The title of this piece was unique, because xyz.' and not something like 'I am here because I want points.' So the author feels respected instead of patronized! C:)

    - The first impressions of the piece along with things that you maybe also notice upon rereading it. 'In my first reading of [book name] I noticed that the main characters would always argue with each other, and I must admit I only noticed their underlying fondness of each other upon rereading it!'

    - Politeness counts! This is not to say that you shouldn't give constructive criticism, because you definitely should! However delivery is important!

    Think about it like this, if your teacher was giving you criticism and said "Only dumb ugly [genders] don't use semicolons! Are you dumb and ugly? Put a semicolon then!!!" Not only should that teacher be fired but I doubt you would want to listen to them even if a semicolon was appropriate. That was really rude! Always reread your advice and put it through that filter. If someone else said this to me, a person meant to help me, would I be upset? Could this be misunderstood?

    On the contrary if a teacher told you, "I love what you are writing, but I do think there are a few missing punctuation marks! You could try a semicolon just here or maybe make a new sentence. C:" you would probably thank them! That is what we want! We are here to make each other strong, and help each other grow!

    - Grammar errors such as typos or misspellings are also great to point out! Authors want to make sure they aren't misunderstood as well as possible! Pointing out confusing sentences and explaining why they are confusing is also really helpful!

    Capitalization is an interesting thing, because in poetry it's not necessarily necessary! However it is very important in novels and short stories! If you are going to point out line breaks and capitalization in poetry, you must first consider that it might be the authors stylistic choice! Poets have different voices and not every poet writes the same way!

    - Always try to use capital letters and nice grammar in a review! Accidents and typos tend to happen, but when giving other writers advice it's best to be a little formal! You don't have to be a robot though, because emoticons and emojis are welcome too! They help the author detect tone and realize you aren't trying to be condescending!

    - Tell them how the piece made you feel! Emotional value is very important to a writer! How did the characters make you feel? What was your favorite line of dialogue? Who was your favorite character? What was your favorite non dialogue line? What made you laugh? What upset you? What do you think would happen if there were a second half of this work?

    - What do you think could be improved? Always be conscious that the person you are reviewing has feelings and try not to say anything like 'This needs a lot of work, reading it hurt my eyes. I think you should rewrite it entirely it was so awful I'm sick." You would not want such hateful feedback! It's discouraging and we are here to encourage and aid one another! Instead say things like, "This is a great piece, I really liked [insert favorite parts]. I think you could make it a bit more concise in the places where you talk about [thing] because it's slightly redundant. [Word] and [word] are synonyms, so they mean the same thing and it is repeated several times here. C: Also my favorite character would have to be [name]! I noticed you missed a few spaces between the beginning and ending of a few lines, it makes the peice a bit hard to read! It is an easy fix!"

    - If you feel like a lot of the persons works are struggling with grammar errors Grammarly is free and a well respected site used by a lot of colleges! You could make a recommendation as it works as a great editor! However it doesn't give constructive reviews so I would also recommend bringing their writing back here for a polish! Sometimes grammarly still fixes sentences wrong and they don't make sense or the meaning changes. It's nothing like having an actual live reviewer, but it helps reviewers be able to see the bigger images in your work and stop warning you about missing commas when they could be warning you about plot holes!

    - Be careful about recommending outside sources, however because all of them aren't safe! And don't click links or send other users links that you aren't one hundred percent sure are safe! You may get an awful internet virus that will crash your device! Besides there are a lot of resources in yewis that we know are safe! There is a whole forum!!!

    - At the end of your review leave a few encouraging words to the writer and sign off with your penname or nickname so they will remember you next time!

    Thank you for reading if you made it this far!

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