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"Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind." --Don Quixote

  • #TwoTruthsAndaLie #SocialMonth

    1. I have two majors and three minors.
    2. My favorite painting currently resides at the Columbus Art Museum.
    3. My hair is naturally blonde.

    Spoiler! :
    Oh I don't know this is a hard guess but I'm going to have to say 2

    1 hour ago

    Spoiler! :
    3 is sus but imma guess 2

    4 minutes ago

  • #RoastYourDarlings #SocialMonth

    Arvid Mikkelsson
    --Religious Frodo with twice the anxiety and half the zest for adventure.

    Gaius Ash
    --Morally gray twig. His heart's in the right place but his brain is quicker and much judgier.

    Tomhas Loquitur
    --Morally dubious do-gooder. Too much love in his heart, very little impulse control. On good days he has two or three brain cells to rub together.

    Shady Three seems generous xD

    Emo golden retriever. I will not elaborate.

    Feb 6, 2023

    GrandWild You know what you're correct on all counts
    Feb 6, 2023

  • Do I have an unreasonable love for pickled wine sauce herring? Yes. Does it repulse my father and quite likely my roommates? Yes. Am I gonna stop eating it?
    Absolutely not.

  • soundofmind
    Feb 1, 2023

    truth: whats the weirdest out of context quote from one of your rps
    dare: change your icon to a monkey for the week

    GrandWild To comb through my behemoth of a roleplay with @Shady might actually kill me, so you'll be given the gift of seeing my profile picture changed to Ozymandias!
    Feb 1, 2023

    soundofmind OMG WHAT A CUTE MONKE
    Feb 1, 2023

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  • tatteredbones I dare you to become WildGrand
    Jan 31, 2023

    GrandWild Alas, the prospect of bearing that name for six months does not sit right with me.
    Jan 31, 2023

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  • I just lost my glasses and, ironically, couldn't find them because I wasn't wearing them. My eyesight isn't horrible but things are getting cluttered in my guest room and I couldn't find my glasses amongst the clutter.

    Well. I asked my 4 year-old-nephew if he had seen my glasses because I thought perhaps it was possible I'd left them in the living room last night when I went to bed or something and he said no. So I asked him to ask grandma (my mom) if she had seen them.

    And he immediately goes, "I DON'T HAVE THEM! I DIDN'T TAKE THEM!"

    I went "*blink* I'm not accusing you. I'm just asking you to see if she knows where they are since you and I don't."

    And he goes "...oh." And then turns and goes to ask xD

    It just felt very much like an interaction Ky and Gaius would have haha defensive IMMEDIATELY for literally no reason xD

    GrandWild Omg that's exactly the dynamic XD
    Gaius: Where's my reading glove?
    Ky: *sweating nervously* I DIDN'T TOUCH IT I SWEAR
    Gaius: I didn't say you did but *squints* now that you mention it

    Dec 30, 2022

  • p o k e

    GrandWild *unleashes fluffy fat ravens* Feel my wrath!!
    Nov 7, 2022

    LuxLuthor *hides under couch*
    Nov 7, 2022

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  • The best and worst part of being a writer is having to tear down everything your eighth grade self made and give it a fresh new coat of paint. New map, new culture, new names, new canon. Eighth grade Grand didn't know what she was doing but I, the slightly wiser Sophomore-In-College Grand, now actually know how to write stories and will be undoing what was already done.

  • My professor 2 or 3 weeks ago: Write a five page memoir and a two page reflection by October 20th!
    Me: Great! I won't do that until October 19th!
    My professor last week: The memoir is due the 25th now, and the only memoirs I'll show you are the dark and upsetting ones, none of the happy ones!
    Me: Great; I'll do that the 24th.
    My professor: Please have a rough draft ready by the 20th!
    Me: I'll do it the 19th!
    My professor: Class tomorrow is canceled : )
    Me: I'll do half of it on the 19th.

  • Ain't this the college mood

    shatteredstones wrote:Dang it I have no time

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    tatteredbones it REALLY is
    Oct 19, 2022

  • spoopy

    GrandWild Image
    Oct 13, 2022

    Omni 2spoopy4me
    Oct 13, 2022

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  • I do believe this is our new record for a single day lmao 392 replies in a single day xD plus if we count up 16 + 3 + 1 we are basically on our twentieth thread


    GrandWild We are so delightfully insane; that makes me so happy to see!
    Oct 13, 2022

In any free society, the conflict between social conformity and individual liberty is permanent, unresolvable, and necessary.
— Kathleen Norris