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  • How well do you know me, YWS?

    1. I once became violently ill from eating Taco Bell
    2. I used to have a massive crush on Hayden Christensen
    3. I loved visiting The Globe theatre when I was in London

    #twotruthsandalie #socialmonth

  • Someone will most likely beat me to this but I want to write and direct the film adaptation of The Midnight Library starring Jessie Buckley as Nora.

    I read this book in the first place because a long distance acquaintance of mine read it and told me he felt "compelled to send me a copy". So, maybe this is fate!

  • Guess who is going to be back in LA a month from today?! This time, I'll be there for a full week.

    I will be in LA for the Oscars! And I cannot wait to see Boy. ❤ And of course, be in the California sun while things are still gross and nasty here.

    Just have to make it through the next month. But it's going to be a good trip, I have a feeling.

  • Me, February 7th, 2009 (14 years ago)


  • So, I've fallen down a rabbit hole of watching cases of infamous incels who later committed crimes. What all of these men have in common is they don't treat women like people, but rather things that they're entitled to.

    Seriously, Elliot Rodger wasn't a bad looking guy, but he had an awful personality and he didn't seem to be able to realize this is why no one wanted to be around him. I saw a comment that was like "I wonder how many women Elliot turned brushed off because they didn't meet his standards" and that's a really good point, since I guess he only wanted a supermodel. The other two I watched weren't ugly either, but they're unironically talking about killing the Chads and Stacys and uh... man. Our society has a fucked up emphasis on romance and if anything I should have more empathy for these men, but I really don't. I never once thought I deserve a relationship more than someone else, or it's the world's fault because I was single.

    Also, it seemed all these guys really cared about was sex, not a relationship. So why didn't they just go to a prostitute? Must have been beneath them.

    People not dating into their 20s is I think more common than anyone likes to talk about, but sometimes people take a little while to align with someone, that's at all.

    When it comes to Boy I'm still figuring out my past baggage I think, because being chosen doesn't make sense, and I haven't been able to fully shake the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. But other than that, he's been worth the wait.

    I don't know, I do think part of this incel stuff is society, and we don't give people healthy outlets to deal with these feelings, but thinking the way these men did is really messed up and not normal.

  • Elliot Rodger: Why dont any girls like me? I am God's gift to women. I am the ultimate gentleman.
    Also Elliot Rodger: What's wrong with you women? Your attraction is flawed. I deserve girls much more than those slobs I go to college with.

    Seriously ffs just listen to this man talk for at thirty seconds and it'll be extremely clear why no one wanted to date him.

    I have been fascinated and compelled by this case since it first happened.I read his manifesto once and it was... something else. It's just sad things turned out in the way they did.

  • Precocious teenager who leaves her friends and family and becomes a killer because a guy looks at her twice #roastyourdarlings #socialmonth

  • (Also, I've been in the throes of the later part of Marcy and Cole's relationship, as everything is toxic and unravelling and they're getting into fights every two seconds, and going back and rereading the early idyllic days is T_T. I do hope my readers are invested in this relationship! Because that's the important thing!)

  • 2nd Draft is DONE at 25,226 words, so I'm gong to need eyes! Who wants to be my beta reader?!

    ALL OUR YESTERDAYS (Romance, Drama): An artistic free spirit falls in and out of love with a rising musician over a seven year period.

  • Y'all think Everything Everywhere All At Once is one of the best movies of this year?

    What y'all see this in movie that I didn't? Maybe it's just not my thing, but to me The Midnight Library does this multiverse concept in a much more palatable and interesting way.

    Prokaryote It's basically a Marvel movie, so no you're not crazy, people have just had their palates numbed by relentless "BOOM! PIFF! POW!"
    Feb 6, 2023

  • #23in23

    WC: 24,062 in draft two of All Our Yesterdays. I just have two more passages that I want to add, then go through it again, then draft two will be ready for feedback! There's a lot more to this one than the first draft, and I'm excited about where this is going!

  • Sometimes I wonder why the AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movies wasn't updated in 2017, or if it will ever be updated.

    I've also been thinking about the Oscars as a measure for what movies will or will not stand the test of time, how sometimes the Oscars get it right but most of the time they get it wrong. I was watching a video one time about the Oscars and it described the award as more of a representation of how we feel about ourselves in the moment.

    Moonlight is undoubtedly a great film. I still think about it sometimes (that score!!). The... incident was really unfair and unfortunate to both the La La Land and Moonlight teams, but six years on, I think it has died down. I've always seen it more as cinematic poetry than a cohesive story, and I love it because of that. It's also really unfortunate that so many comparisons were drawn between the two of them as a result because its really apples to oranges. But I still hear people talk about and analyze this movie.

    Also, I remember the backlash that manifested to La La Land at the time that probably affected tis chances of winning and I'm very much glad to see that there's been a backlash to the backlash in the years since. At the time, everyone talked over me when I said that I felt very represented by Mia Dolan, down to the walking to the library across the check out DVDs of classic films when I was growing up.

    So maybe this wasn't the best comparison to make, this is one year where these two films could have split the Oscar in half.

    But I was also thinking about how Gone Girl is truly a modern classic, and how Amy Elliot-Dunne is probably one of the best on screen cinematic villains of all time. It's ridiculous that the film was ONLY nominated for Rosamund Pike, and she didn't even win. I remember thinking Julianne Moore's performance in Still Alice was definitely GOOD, but it's not a transcendent film in the way that Gone Girl is. I think a film's impact on popular culture is really remarkable when I hear it regularly referenced in conversation, and I know that film is taught in screenplay courses.

    Anthony Perkins wasn't even nominated for an Oscar in Psycho. Jimmy Stewart won his Oscar for... The Philadelphia Story? Star Wars lost the Oscar to freaking Annie Hall. Singin' in the Rain wasn't even nominated for Best Picture (only Best Supporting Actress and Best Score are you kidding me?). The Greatest Show on Earth, one of the worst films I've ever seen, won that year.

    So I've been thinking, when the Oscars get it so wrong so much of the time, why are they still so compelling for someone like me? Why do they matter? Maybe it's because at their best they're a celebration of film. We're never going to get it right all of the time, but I like thinking about it in those terms-- a representation of how we feel about ourselves in the moment. Some films are only remembered because they won Oscars. But the truly great films will be remembered, Oscar or not.

    Sharing for cinematic brilliance.

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  • I've been rewatching episodes of the original Scooby-Doo from 1969 and paid particular attention to a few things. It is really telling that a silly little show that this huge franchise that was cancelled after two seasons spawned a huge franchise with multigenerational appeal. I think there's a few reasons for that, and the other show completely craps over all of them.

    - It's GENUINELY funny. It doesn't need to try too hard to make cringe "jokes". There's one part where Scooby falls on top of Shaggy and Shaggy goes "Scoob, why couldn't you be a poodle"? Hilarious.

    There's also another scene where Shaggy is trying to open a combination lock, and Fred has to say like five times that he has the code. Shaggy goes "well why didn't you just say that?" It comes across really effectively and genuinely because friends are going to have these exact sort of tiffs.

    - Beyond that, the other show gets the tone all wrong. I was reading that something about how part of the reason for its success is that it introduced horror to kids in a really effective and palatable way. It's always suspenseful, the mystery is ALWAYS front and center. It was never about high school drama.

    - The gang are a great team because they ALL have something to contribute to each mystery. So no, Mindy Kaling, Velma did not do all the work. Fred's resourcefulness, Velma's smarts, Shaggy's outside the box thinking, Daphne's empathy, and Scooby's brawn -- ALL of those things together solve each mystery. They are a family. They love each other. Everything about your show and how it portrays these characters is wrong.

    -- Also, when I was a kid I of course never thought about this show as a product of the 1960s, but it's so apparent to me now, and my knowledge of this era, only enriches my viewing of each episode. It makes me really miss working on Eagle Rock and how much I loved living and breathing that era, but hey, it's not the end just yet. Divine timing, right? The funny thing is that The Castle would have been the perfect age to have watched the show, and one thing I think I need to work on when I revise is thinking about each of them in the context of being shaped by being born in the 60s and growing up in the 70s, because I think I've been looking a bit at the 80s in a vacuum.

    -- As an aside, I still remember the time I saw a van painted exactly like the mystery machine at a gas station in Bumfuck, Utah and it was probably one of the best moments of my life.

    But yeah, this show is a classic for a reason, and the other show gets everything about it wrong.

  • Truth > Have anything on your bucket list you are working towards that you'd like to share?

    Not sure if this counts as "bucket list" but these are my goals(?), resolutions(?) that I'd like too most achieve this year.

    * Make Under the Apple Tree --> For sure happening. First day of the shoot, February 25th, and the rest June 21st-July 3rd (!!!)
    * Move to LA --> This will also happen, come hell or high water, because I am not doing another winter in this city.
    * Get car body fixed --> My car has horrendous, ugly side swipe wounds on all sides from a combination of incidents that are and aren't my fault. The quotes to get it fixed are in the thousands of dollars that I do not have, but I'm going to find some way to get it fixed because I am really, really sick of driving my car around like this.
    * Adopt a cat --> Also something I've wanting to do for a long time. I haven't seen any cats at shelters that I've really connected with yet, and at this point I'm wondering if I should try to do this while I'm still in Milwaukee or wait until LA. My mom gave me a whole bunch of cat stuff that's just been sitting in my trunk and I've been leaning towards getting it while I'm here, but again, I haven't seen any that I've connected with, and I truly believe i divine timing for these sort of things.
    * Get my Phoenix tattoo --> I've wanted a tattoo for a long time, and I want to do the Phoenix force from X-Men on my left thigh. I talked to an artist for a while about it but I had to put that on hold because I didn't have the money.
    * Buy a new laptop --> It's going to be about that time sooner rather than later for my laptop. Since I'm getting a tax return, I may just trade this one in and get a deal on a new one while I have the money.
    * Buy new glasses --> My glasses are pretty old and definitely not updated to my prescription, but I wear my contacts 99% of the time so any time I have my yearly eye exam I always just use the credit on contacts. Either this year, I'll do glasses, or find a way to come up with the money for glasses.

    There's a lot of other bucket list stuff on my mind but these are my main priorities for this year/the near future.

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