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If I'm the villain, then you better start running 'cause you won't last long if you're up against me

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About AceassinOfTheMoon

Heyo! I'm AceassinOfTheMoon, but you can call me Ace!
Pronouns are she/they/xe, with no preference between the three~

I'm a librarian, cosplayer, and writer with too many books, too many costume accessories, and too many WIPs!

A few fun(?) facts about me:
- I collect weapons! The crown jewels of my collection are the dagger vaguely inspired by Medieval Times and the replica 14th century French flintlock pistol
- I will jokingly refer to myself as a vampire except it's kinda not a joke because there are too many similarities to be a coincidence
- I like anime! I've mostly seen the more mainstream ones that everyone's heard of so far, but I'm open to suggestions for more obscure ones to watch
- I love music of all forms and cannot choose a favourite artist or song to save my life
- I'm obsessed with fairy lights and tealights
- I currently identify as Asexual Demibiromantic, but I'll often refer to myself as just queer or gay because it's easier XD

My current WIPs are:
- It Ended As It Began: Moonlight
- It Ended As It Began: Wildfire
- Sing Me A Song Of The Sea
- Blood Moon Rising
- The Age of Darkness
- It's No Fun Being A Saint
- No Witnesses
- And So The Dark Fell In Love With The Light
- Brilliant World
- Glass Souls
- LotR Anime AU Fanfic
- Untitled WIP (calling this Resident Enis for now bc that's the inspiration for it)
- Garden of Zombies

I love excitedly babbling about my stories, so feel free to ask!!

I was featured member from July 5 - 21 2022, if that makes me cooler c:

apparently people like me, so some niceish things they've said about me are enspoilered below

Spoiler! :
"using ace as a scapegoat" ~Omni
"this is Ace erasure and I won't stand for it" ~silver
"Hey, Ace. Give me your power." ~wist
"announcement! ace and wist are now my favorites" ~silver
"to ace, when you see this, thank you and sorry for being the guinea pig" ~silver
“ace has my sympathy but not my position of favorite” ~silver
“I love u ace but wist is my mom” ~winter
“I love you Ace but I might love the appeal of your undeserved throne more” ~silver
"I haven't really said anything about ace but that's cause I'm usually speechless with how awesome ace is" ~harry
"Ace, you’re aggressively loved. Accept or perish." ~wist


Reading, Writing, Talking to the people in my head, roleplaying, petting my cat, and painting my fingernails.





More than anything she wanted the world to be uncomplicated, for right and wrong to be as easily divided as the black and white sections of an Oreo. But the world was not a cookie.
— Roshani Chokshi, Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes