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  • [color=red:430e34316a]*[size=24:430e34316a]SUPER GLARE*[/size:430e34316a][/color:430e34316a]

  • [color=blue:3d9b7e0835][size=24:3d9b7e0835]Moo was here![/size:3d9b7e0835][/color:3d9b7e0835]

  • I did go on msn and now you've dissapointed me *glare*


  • Hey, you're online! :D Checking the storybook? ;)


  • Angel of Death
    Jan 27, 2009

    Thanks! I like yours too, I just recently became a Coldplay fan. Chris Martin is awesome.



  • Aw, Prospekt! It's an honour to be one of your favourite authors :oops:
    You've made me teary *big watery eyes*
    You would be one of my favourite authors if you'd maybe post that little piece you've been working on... It's actually brilliant. If you posted it I'd back it all the way :D You have amazing talent. SHOW IT TO THE WORLD!:P
    And a special thank you for all your support with Instinct. You're keeping it alive! :D

    Many thanks Prospekt.

    -Moo x

  • No, I'm definitely not liking the new team. I'd rather Chase and Cameron came back.

  • [quote:637198e2e0]I see you like House too; it's my favourite TV show!

    I must ask who your favourite characters are![/quote:637198e2e0]

    Oooh, that's a tough one. I'm probably going to have to go with Wilson and...it's a tie between Foreman and Chase for third. House is obviously first. :wink:



  • Hello Prospekt *waggles eyebrows*
    Cheers for reviewing Instinct :D And don't worry about me being offended, you were just pointing out some silly mistakes that...that... *mind drifts to Chris Martin* Erm, what was I saying? :wink:
    Anyway, cheers hun. Thanks for the feedback, I hope you like the future chappies.


  • Hello fellow Coldplay fan. Glad to have you on the site. :)

    *Signs in sticky green ink*


  • KnightlyAngel09
    Jan 6, 2009

    Hello. *signs guestbook*

    Thanks a bunch for reviewing my poem. :lol:

  • Omg Prospekt! YWS totally works on the school computers! :shock: :shock:


    *gets Lost! in a random maze*

  • The Whisper
    Dec 17, 2008

    Hey Prospekt!:D *sits on valuable information, your real name, she can use to blackmail you with*:P :shock: [color=darkblue:cb1d6a89bc][/color:cb1d6a89bc] *wanderes off singing dark blue*

    *just wants to test this smiley*


  • *signs Prospekts guestbook* Dude, I nearly revealed your real name there :lol:

    Omg, look at this smiley: :shock: It's scary! :shock: :shock:
    Oh, and you should post something, I'll review it profesionally, and you may even get a gold star.

    *Hugs* 8)

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