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  • Are you a morning or night person? Night, I can’t stand mornings
    Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think it’s funny to make fun of innocent people.
    Collections? Plushies and Hatsune Miku merch
    Dream job: Famous actor!
    (your go-to) Emoji: 👀 and 😨
    Favorite YWS Work: Definitely “from the eyes of a chicken”
    Greatest achievement: ur mom lmao
    Hardest part of the writing process: Probably inspiration haha
    If you won the lottery, what would you do? Quit school
    Joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he needed to get to work and walking is better than driving for the environment
    Know a fun fact? Turtles breathe through their butts! :)
    Last read: The Cabinet of Curiosities: 36 Tales Dark and Sinister
    Main writing project: N/A
    Note to your past self: Keep being yourself. Things get a lot harder, and keeping your positivity will help.
    One non-necessity you couldn't live without: My phone
    Person you admire: Jillian, my significant other <3
    Question you'd like people to answer below: if oranges dove space time and I frogged the flag, what color would the alphabet be?
    Reason to write: Boredom
    Sports: N/A
    Tag a YWSer that's a good writer: @BluesClues
    Ultimate color: Rainbow.
    Volunteer? uhhhhhh idk
    What are you working on? Currently? Concessions
    EXciting news: I got a letter from John Hopkins University the other day :D
    Your favorite unlikely combination: My OTP </3 (Remy and Emile, TSS)
    Zombies? Zombies.
    #alphabetanswers #socialmonth

    soundofmind in answer of your question: definitely the shoe plumbus smungus in the horse pliers
    Feb 10, 2023

    Spearmint it'd be the color of pandas when they fly across the pre-dawn potato fields. =P
    #alphabetanswers (sometimes you need to put a space in front of the tag for it to work!)

    Feb 10, 2023

    alliyah blue?
    Feb 11, 2023

    BluesClues ahhh thank you for this tag <3
    Feb 11, 2023

I should infinitely prefer a book.
— Mary Bennet, Pride and Prejudice