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  • cannot overstate how much I've entertained myself while working on bunny rom com. I don't know if anyone other than me will find this book funny, but I know *I'm* having a good time!

    the first half is buffed and polished!

    pray for me as I try to clean up the second half that I fear is littered with [things I need to add] and just general mess the closer I get to the end because I got tired of writing
    i also need to add a bunch of words and write the epilogue still

    also might rewatch new girl for the 100000000th time as a reward after the bunnies go to the next round of betas.

    Snoink Yay!!!!!
    Feb 18, 2023

I think that was when I began to realize that reputation isn't everything. I should focus less about how others perceive me and more about what makes me happy. Because, in the end, I have to live with myself.
— Seraphina