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  • JabberHut wrote:I feel like people get the impression that a review means finding constructive criticism or finding something "wrong", and that's not necessarily the case.

    Reviews also consist of analyzing character personalities, predicting what might happen next, explaining what you really liked or what they did well, and simply asking rhetorical questions about what you've read so far. It helps the writer to know what their readers are thinking and where they're at with this story. The writer needs to know if they're leading you along the correct path or leading you astray.

    Just spewing out your thoughts as you read is a super effective way for the writer to know how they're doing with their storytelling or what kind of impression they're leaving on their readers. The writer will decide from there what they need to look into for their next draft, if anything.

    This goes for stories, novels, individual chapters, and even poetry or scripts.
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