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I came into this world on October 24, 2003, shortly after my parents moved from Ontario to Alberta. I was a brat and tortured my parents, which makes me wonder even more why they had four more kids.
I have a half-sister in Ontario, which is why my parents moved here. Krystyn's - my half-sister - mother cheated on my dad and that's why they aren't together.
Krystyn got married about two years ago and just this summer had a little boy. I've only ever seen him on Instagram, so, this isn't ideal. Krystyn and I used to exchange letters, but, we grew up, I guess.
I've always struggled to come to terms with who I am. I'm not skinny, and I've only recently come to terms with my stomach and thighs. I'm painfully shy, which has always bugged me, and I've tried to change myself continuously, but I'm comfortable with who I am now.
I've been going to the same church my whole life, which wasn't a good church at all. It was a very conservative Mennonite church in my hometown, but I never titled myself as a Christian until early September 2017 when I was given, by my Sunday School teacher, a study bible with my name engraved on the cover. Right there in the pew, I gave my heart to God. I can remember being younger and writing in my diary "If God existed, my best friend wouldn't have dumped one would bully me!" I was so naive then, and though I'm not perfect even now, I'm close enough. Since we've moved, I've had to go to a different church, but now I realise why I struggled with my faith; our last church just wasn't a good fit.
Since we've moved away from my hometown this summer, I've struggled with my first anxiety attacks and I even had depression for a few weeks. But after emerging from all that, I'm stronger than I ever have been. Mentally, though. Physically, I'm about as strong as a chicken with bone disease.
Aaaaaanyway, that is all.


- Musicals; Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, 21 Chump Street, Heathers, Be More Chill, Mean Girls, Book of Mormon - Books; Warriors, The Selection, Be More Chill, Sarah Dessen, Bravelands, The Merchant Of Venice is okay thus far. - TV Shows; sometimes I watch blackish, want to watch Brooklyn 99 but I don't have NetFlix #thestruggleisreal - YouTube - Young Writers Society - WolfPlay (accounts are Mountain Tribe, Lilly, Autumn) - Most actors in musicals listed above


High school student (grade 10), writer, artist, Christian


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