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  • OC for a day starts now!

    Back by popular demand -- #ocforaday will be running from 5th-7th November! This is a People's Tab activity where YWSers roleplay as an original character of theirs on their walls or their friends' walls.

    Some ideas:
    - Changing your avatar to a doodle or picrew image of your character
    - Signing off with your character's name at the bottom of a post so we know who's talking
    - Doing a #characterinterview at the same time by making a wall post where your character requests questions from their adoring YWS public

    Remember always to follow site rules and roleplay rules when roleplaying! And have fun!

    Liminality #NaNo
    Nov 4, 2022

"Yesterday you said tomorrow, so JUST DO IT."
— Shia Labeouf