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Mr. Wiggins

I know it is kinda weird for a grown man like myself to be seen here. Many people would question on weather I have a life or not? Or if I have a family to be more focused on? Sadly, I don't. Instead, I focus on my most favored career by practicing my skills as a writer and delivering any tips that I come across along the way.

My world is surrounded by this invisible blanket that feeds off on ideas or creative thoughts. With those creative thoughts, i challenge the creative minds of others with my own mind. Sounds kind of rude if you ask me, but sometimes the picking of other people's mind and or situations brings joy and understanding to those who read quietly. It might sound like I know nothing of what I speak, but as you get'll understand.

Anyway, many thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my inspiring thought process. Please enjoy my works and feed off on my creative imagination.


I like everything mysterious and unknown, including the science behind supernatural occurrences and the secrets stored within the most unknown places in the world. In more simpler terms, everything creepy and weird.


I am a developing writer who is trying to snatch a publisher. However, for a more ordinary job...i serve as a waiter at a Italian restaurant.

I was promis'd on a time, To have a reason for my rhyme: From that time unto this season, I receiv'd nor rhyme nor reason.
— Edmund Spenser