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  • Mageheart
    Oct 23, 2017

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Yã Minna!

    So, I am writing a story, and since I want to become a frequent user I want to post the story here too!

    I am writing in Portuguese, because it gets easier, but I will translate it afterwards and post it chapter by chapter here!

    I want to post the description already, hope you like it!
    "They destroyed, beauty, happiness, flowering fields ... everything!
    Now it's all an illusion! "

    Amaya Hitomi is a 16 year old girl; But she is different.
    She dreams of an ideal boy, a dream job, a happy life ... but she is shy, ashamed of herself and very insecure.
    Even so, Hitomi fights against her nature and tries to rise in life, a bit at a time.
    "My greatest wish? It is to detoxify this world, of course!" ^ - ^

    Amaya Hitomi is the girl in the foto.
    The artist is Aoi Ogata



    Snoink Amaya is soooo pretty! :o

    What makes her different?

    Apr 20, 2017

    Hiroyuki In today's world there are few girls that wants only one boyfriend, the one she wants to keep to marry, live with, make children and die with.

    This world, is SO "evil" that most of the girls wants to have lots of boyfriends and such

    Apr 20, 2017

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  • ScytheMeisterChan
    Apr 19, 2017

    Hey. Welcome to YWS and thank you so much for the follow ^-^

    I see you're yet another member with an anime avatar ... *follows back* :D

    Hiroyuki Anime is just so awesome ahaha

    But I don't think Kaito was in any anime, it's a vocaloid :P

    Apr 19, 2017

    ScytheMeisterChan That's kaito?! :o omg, oops. I thought it was Lelouch from code Geass.

    Still though, vocaloid is awesome too ^_^

    Apr 19, 2017

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  • Mageheart
    Apr 19, 2017

    Hi and welcome to YWS! I'm Mage! If you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me! ☆

    Here's some helpful parts of YWS that can help you understand how things work on the site:

    Welcome Mat
    Knowledge Base - YWS
    FAQ For New Users
    YWS Critique Sandwich

    If I can't answer your questions, or I'm not on when you have one, you can always ask the users whose names are in green (moderators) or red (administrators). Other users would be happy to help as well! ☆

    What type of things do you like to write? I write fantasy novels that are sometimes also mysteries, and enjoy writing realistic fiction short stories.

    Also, since this is always a fun question to ask, what is your favorite book or book series?


    Hiroyuki Thank you so much, for this beautiful welcoming.

    I don´t have much questions, I like to explore before creating an account xD

    And about those questions, I like to write fiction ( mostly, fantasy and or teenager-like ) and I am portuguese so I am not really into english book series. But I liked a lot of the Divergent series.

    Could I know your opinions? And recomendations in books?

    Apr 19, 2017

    Mageheart You're welcome! <3

    Oh, okay! If anything pops up, you can always come to me. ^_^

    That's cool! Fiction is a ton of fun. And I read Divergent before! It was definitely an interesting concept.

    I love writing fantasy things. Magic is a really cool thing to write about, so I usually make sure to involve it somehow. As for my favorite book series, I really love the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathon Stroud. I know you said that you're not really into English book series, but I just checked on the website for the series and it said that there's a Portuguese version. ^_^ So if you want something to read, I suggest checking it out!

    Apr 19, 2017

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