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Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

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  • Today my friend was so tired she forgot what a beetroot is and called it "the red-coloured fruit that makes blood"

    Hkumar Happened with me once. I called it "rat looking thing that tastes bitter"
    Sep 3, 2022

    LittleLee xDDDD

    How have you been?

    Sep 4, 2022

    Hkumar I'll be moving to the big city for work so gotta make arrangements for it this week. So it's going to be a new kind of rush for me.

    How're u doing? College going all well?

    Sep 5, 2022

    LittleLee I'm so tired all the time xD is that how it is for you? :P
    Sep 8, 2022

Lots of times you have to pretend to join a parade in which you're not really interested in order to get where you're going.
— Christopher Darlington Morley