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  • Hey, YWS. This isn't really an "I'm back" post. I'm not back. I just wanted to open up a line of communication for anyone who wants to talk. I've grown a lot politically and gotten really into feminism since I've left. Specifically radical feminism.

    I've really started to come into my own and learn how to be an adult human being with all the stuff that comes with that. I'm graduating at the end of this semester, so it's been quite the journey. Meanwhile, feminism has really opened my eyes to just how much my life is affected by being female and all the stuff that comes with that. Even if I'm disillusioned with the state of mainstream feminism and liberalism, I still think there's time to make positive change, and I'm proud to start to be a part of that change when I turn 18 and register to vote.

    Anyway, I'm probably not going to be back here, but you can catch me and all my radfem nerdiness (or my writing or just to talk) on tumblr @dy-quill. I'm almost always up to have a discussion. I don't think YWS has a lot of diversity when it comes to viewpoints, so I just want to share my point of view.

Life is about losing everything.
— Isabel Allende