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  • comment below the most generic/cliche book trope or character you can think of! I am curious hehe

    Prokaryote The Chosen One, easy
    Sep 11, 2018

    erilea Well, specific to one site that I've frequented before (Quotev), nerdy girl meets the bad boy and falls in love, usually with plenty of drama from the popular girl who feels possessiveness towards said bad boy.
    Or vampires/werewolves. Literally every single story on the site.

    Sep 11, 2018

    Snoink THE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. Because you know... romance novel characters are PERFECT and thus they can't actually have flaws, so thus all the drama involved HAS to be a huge misunderstanding!
    Sep 11, 2018

    zaminami Love triangles and insane bad guys
    Sep 11, 2018

    Mageheart Hero's Journey!
    Sep 11, 2018

    Carlito the Cinderella story
    good girl/bad boy or good boy/bad girl

    Sep 11, 2018

    Panikos Male character doggedly pursues a female character's affections despite her not being interested. If he persists long enough and puts together a vast public display of affection, she'll fall in love with him after all. Granted I see this in films more than books, but it absolutely drives me up the wall.
    Sep 12, 2018

"Perhaps it is better to wake up after all, even to suffer, rather than to remain a dupe to illusions all one's life."
— Kate Chopin, The Awakening