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  • you said “hey”
    and i said “hello”
    what’s your name?
    i’d really like to know
    about you, too bad i stopped at “hello.”

    i just stared
    and you grinned
    and looked right back
    it felt like just one big whirlwind one big whirlwind

    over the next few days we got to talking
    with every single word i started falling
    farther and farther for you

    you were witty and so charming
    you swept me off my feet
    you made me laugh you made me blush
    oh no one could compete
    it seemed to good to be true
    i wanted to be with you
    we clicked like legos
    or the clacking of tap shoes

    you say “hey”
    i said “hello,
    how was your day?”
    you said “better now” with a smile.
    oh what a cliché.
    but to be honest it made my day!

    i didn’t wanna fall but then i stepped right in
    i looked up at your face
    and those eyes , they drew me in, it was too late for me

    that’s what we were
    a simple cliche
    it wasn’t made to work
    but i wouldn’t have it any other way

    – cliché by mxmtoon

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
— Martin Luther King Jr.