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  • BlueAfrica wrote:
    Kale wrote:I'm not usually a fan of self-help stuff, but this article really resonated with me: Pain Plus Reflection Equals Progress

    These parts in particular stood out to me:
    Our painful moments are important moments. When we confront something painful, we are left with a choice between an ugly and painful truth or a beautiful delusion. Many of us opt for the latter and it slows our progress.

    Rather than run from pain, we need to identify it, accept it, and learn how to use it to better ourselves. For us to adapt, we need to learn from the uncomfortable moments. We need to value a tough-love approach, where people show us what we’re missing and help us get better.

    You have a choice: You can prefer that the people around you fail to point out your blind spots, or you can prefer that they do.

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