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  • ...maan. I was hoping to change my name to Lavender! :D Haha, welcome :)

  • FlamingPhoenix
    Aug 14, 2016

    Hi my name is @Tsunami and welcome to YWS!! :D I hope you like it here on the site. Everyone here on the site is very nice and i'm sure would love to be you friend. All so if you have anything that you would love to be reviewed by anyone i would love to review it for you. All so if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone and i would love to help as well.

    I'm writing a novel at the moment and it is called Search for Peach Book 1 ~ The Great Separation. If you wont you can just ask me for the link and i will haply give it to you. (: :P

    And good luck with getting your very first star! :D :P

    But all i'm really trying to say is welcome to YWS and i hope you like it here and i hope you make some really good friends. :D :D

  • School starts in 16 days. Save me!!!

    FlamingPhoenix I feel you, and school means MATH!!!!!! Run for your lives. (Runs down stairs and out of the front door.)
    Aug 14, 2016

  • Mageheart
    Aug 12, 2016

    Hi, @Lavender, and welcome to YWS! I'm Mage! If you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me! :D

    Here's some helpful parts of YWS that can help you understand how things work on the site:

    Knowledge Base - YWS
    YWS Critique Sandwich

    If I can't answer your questions, or I'm not on when you have one, you can always the users whose names are in green (moderators) or red (administrators). Other users would be happy to help as well! :D

    Also, (because these are such fun questions to ask) how did you find out about YWS, and where did you get your username from?

    Lavender Thanks for the help! I'll be sure to check out those links :) I found out about YWS because I was looking for a website that had other young writers to get some feedback on my writing, so I saw YWS on a Google search and thought I would join. As for my username, lavender is my favorite color and I couldn't think of anything better. :)
    Aug 12, 2016

    Mageheart You're welcome! :D Red and black are my favorite colors. :D
    Aug 13, 2016

  • cleverclogs
    Aug 12, 2016

    Welcome to YWS! :D

    Lavender Thanks!!
    Aug 12, 2016

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